Friday, 19 July 2013

TGIF and reuniting with Friends

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm enjoying my vacation thus far but must admit that I haven't done any running since I've been off.  On my long run on Sunday, I did a lot of thinking...13 kilometers of thinking.  I came to a conclusion, as a runner, I cannot compare my training runs or races to anyone else unless they are in the exact same race/run.  I was having a mental issue with people gaining on my pace time or passing me with less effort and it was getting me down.  Then I realized, if we are not competing/training in the same place at the same time, there are numerous factors that will contribute to pace and how the run feels.  I need to remember that I am only competing with myself, and pushing my own one elses!

Having said that, I am not running my scheduled 8k tonight as my legs are still feeling heavy from last weekend.  Instead, I will run with K, and then wait and run my long run on Sunday!

So what have I been doing in my time off?  Well yesterday I was super excited to reunite with my god-daughter and her mom and brother.  I have not seen them in close to 4 years as they live in Manitoba...and well....I let life get in the way.  I am making a vow to not let this happen was so amazing to see all of them.
Look at that face....she's a heart breaker already!
And the best part, her mom and I are doing lunch tomorrow to catch up!

Next J and I took the doggies to the lake for a I am kidding around and posing:

It was an amazing first day of vacation!!!!

I have been anxiously awaiting my shipment from Lunatik Athletics....and guess arrived today.  YAHOO!  I immediately put them on and felt a huge difference in my calf muscles.  Check them out:
I am now waiting for a shipment from Pro Compression.  They have a 40% off sale and Heather immediately called to let me know.  Neon pink compression socks have been shipped!!!  YAHOO!  I seriously think I have an addiction to running gear.  Is there a support group for that???

So what's on tap the rest of the weekend???  Tomorrow I'm going to the local farmer's market in the morning and then catch up time with T.  I will be sure to take lots of pics.  Sunday is long run and then a possible horseback ride.  Have you ever gone?  I have never, it's been on my bucket we'll see.  And then I still have Monday to fill.  I LOVE VACATION.


  1. Your bum will hurt after the horseback riding. Not like, sore muscles, but like bruises where your bum-bones push onto the saddle.

    It's a little intimidating, but i like it!

    I haven't run all week cause of my knee. It's feeling pretty good today, even after 2 full days of walking around with Robyn. I'm going to do a short test-run on sunday, and fingers crossed that it just needed a rest.

    I need compression socks.

    1. Good idea to rest the knee....a short term rest is much better than pushing and hurting it worse. I suggest checking out IT band stretches as well as it might be contributing to the pain.

      Compression socks have definitely changed my recovery period!!!!