Saturday, 8 June 2013

Soul Sisters 5k Recap

Happy Saturday Night everyone!!!

Most people are watching the hockey game...not me....I'm blogging about my 5k run tonight!

From my previous post you know that Tropical Storm Andrea was due to hit today.  Luckily the rain/winds came early in the day and stopped just in time for the 6pm start.  I picked Heather up around 5 and off we went.  Matt was kind enough to pick up our race kits early so all we needed to do was show up at the start line.
Soul Sisters shirt/bib; Heather and I painted our nails to match out shirts;
waiting in the car before the race...I look like I'm 10...LOL
As we started to walk to the start line, we ran into Matt (Heather's husband) and their little dog coming to cheer us on.  You can see in the back of this picture just how many woman were running this race.....sold out at 2500!!!
Yes....Heather and I decided to dress alike. 
I need bright pink compression socks!!
The race was up and down many different little streets in an industrial park.  You would go down one hill, turnaround, and back up...we did that on 3 different roads.  There were multiple water stops, a hug station (by firefighters) and a chocolate station.  I've got to say...hunky firefighters sure make you want to run up straight and try your hardest!!  Heather and I high-fived each other every time we passed going in opposite directions.  The wind was not as strong as I thought it would be, but still slowed the pace a bit.

Here is my summary....I'm a little upset that it was not a full 5k as I would have had a personal best.  Jason says that if it's not an official timed race, I can't say I PB'd.  Too bad....I ran a good run and put some lingering doubts to rest. 

Avg Pace
Summary        26:44.     4.84k            5:32
1 5:51.3 1.00 5:51
2 5:24.9 1.00 5:25
3 5:44.1 1.00 5:44
4 5:23.2 1.00 5:23
5 4:20.5 0.84 5:11

Heather and I after the race....amazing race bling!

Heather says that I need to learn more about the mental aspect and stop doubting my abilities.  Easier said than done.  I did take a first step to Chapters I went...notice the title of the first book.  Guess what I'm doing tomorrow after my long run?  That's right...a warm tea and magazine reading!  Great way to spend a Sunday!

Thanks to United by Running for putting on such a great event. To anyone out there interested in a well organized, spirit raising event....this is it!!  These 2 ladies are the same individuals putting on the race in September where I plan on running my first 1/2!  Can't wait!

See you tomorrow as I recap the full week of training!!!


  1. Is it weird that I got excited when I saw all of your reading material??? lol. Such a fun race!

  2. Nope....reading material is fun....and I'll share as soon as I'm done!

  3. I need that book! And nice time! That's super speedy!!