Thursday, 6 June 2013

Weather Stops No Runner

You know what today is?  It's Thursday....that can only mean one got it....tomorrow is FRIDAY!! YAHOO!!! 

Yesterday was National Running Day and even though there was no running on my schedule, I did do a quick 2k to say that I ran on this National 'Holiday'!

Tonight had 6.4k on the schedule....I chose to go slow where I have run the past 2 days and 2 runs on the weekend.  Tonight my sense of smell was fine tuned...some random smells were: 
  • BBQ chicken...yummy!,
  • the smell of lilacs as I ran by fresh blossoms....amazing!;
  • Chlorine from someone's is my dream to one day have my own pool
  • Apple blossoms
Here is my outfit for tonight's run.....everything else is in the laundry.  Running skirt courtesy of LuLu and the tank is a cotton tank from Old Navy.  My pace was all over the place.  I ran in places I haven`t run before and incorporated tiny hills.  I even ran past Heidi`s but she wasn`t home. Boo!

So I mentioned a couple runs this upcoming weekend.  The first is the Soul Sisters Race in Dartmouth.  I registered for this race the day after last years race as I heard such great things about it.  There is one problem this year.....Tropical Storm Andrea is supposed to hit on or just before the race...just wonderful.  Not only rain, but wind too!

[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

The 2nd run is: my long run on Sunday 9.6k.  Another slow one, and the longest I`ve run this year.  I`m a little weary about running 5k Saturday night and this on Sunday...but slow and steady keeps the IT Band pain free. 

Well I am off to pray to the rain gods to push this little storm a little bit offshore so we can run in nicer than storm weather.

Happy pre-Friday to everyone...hope your weekend is storm free!


  1. I love the skirt! I'm doing an airport runway run on Saturday here in Charlottetown... hopefully the weather isn't as bad as we expect!

    1. Thanks...I found it on sale last year. Good luck in the run on Saturday...make sure you blog about it!

  2. I love the skirt! New?? Maybe we will do the "Sole Sisters 5k Swim" on Saturday...LOL

    1. Well...I'll be able to update on our adventures as I don't think we'll be getting a bike ride in this week.