Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Old Navy & Yummy Supper!

I know, I know...what am I doing blogging on a Tuesday night?  Hold back your enthusiasm....it will only be short. LOL

On our long bike ride, Heather mentioned that Old Navy had their running gear on sale.  SALE? That's all I needed to hear.  So off to Old Navy I headed on Sunday afternoon...and guess what I bought?

Haha...this looks totally distorted - there are 2 super light tanks and 2 sport bras.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well so I took it easy and didn't do much exercising or running.  Today was a different story.  The mileage has increased this week so a 6.4k was on my schedule tonight.  The day started out pouring...not just light rain...but downpour!   Luckily it cleared with perfect sunny weather for a run.  Jason is on vacation so he decided to join me.  I was excited to have a running partner for a change and to have someone properly pace me.  Oh yes...and I got to wear my new pink tank.  Gotta say I love how light weight and girly it is. :-)

We did 6.4k with a pace of about 6.12....I got a side stitch when we were about 1.2k from home...and all Jason did was make me laugh...there is no way he's running with me in a race!

As soon as we got home, we made supper.  A spicy bean burger done on the BBQ with corn on the cob.  YUM!!!!  I do believe I may have put the BBQ together wrong as it was definitely not cooking properly.  Note to self...pull out the instructions and try again!  LOL  This picture is distorted too...you can't even see the burger but it was super yummy.

Okay...I'm off to watch So You Think You Can Dance!

Have a great Hump Day tomorrow and see you on Sunday. :-)


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  1. Love your new gear!

    Side stitches are the worst!!! :( I usually get them when I drink too much, run too fast or neglect to warm up, lol. Slowing my pace helps me too.

    Happy National Running Day! :)