Sunday, 2 June 2013

Week #5 Recap & Warm Summer Weather

Happy Summer Weather everyone!

We have had beautiful summer weather the last few days.  I took Friday afternoon off to enjoy some sun before long hours begin for next week.  And what did I do with my afternoon?  I painted the shed.  It hasn't been done since I moved and desperately needed it.

Saturday I volunteered at a local race called the Penguin Run.  It was 24 degrees before the race even began...not a great day for a 1/2 marathon.  It was however, a great day for a bike ride.  Once again, Heather and I ventured out on the trail for our 12k bike.  It was amazing...a light breeze that made it feel perfect.  Heather and I stopped at the 6k point to enjoy the scenery.

Unfortunately we didn't quite realize how much time had passed as it was SUPER relaxing with the light breeze off the lake...and this is the result.....

My legs...It got redder and redder as the day went on.  I also have a wonderful
white stripe where my garmin was.
And then to a BBQ...courtesy of Heather and Matt.  Why does food always taste so much better when someone else makes it?

I guess I should update on my weekly training.  So.....what did I decide to do...go with Hal Higdon's plan or repeat last week?????

Monday - stretch and strengthen.  Completed my usual ITB stretches along with ab and arm work.

Tuesday - 5.6k done at 6.10 pace.  So there you have it....I decided to repeat the prior week before jumping up in mileage.

Wednesday - stretching only

Thursday - called for another 5.6 but my legs still felt heavy from Tuesday night so I used this as a rest day.

Friday - called for rest day...I did the Thursday 5.6k...except I went 5.87k.  The temp was about 25 degrees and the first part of the run was a little sluggish.  The 2nd part felt great...I got into a groove and was able to hit a pace right around 5.50-6.00/k.  It was very warm...and as I rounded the corner to home, I wondered if I could jump in the lake without anyone noticing.  I tried to concentrate on my stride, ensure I was not heel striking, quick turnover, etc.  Does anyone else watch their stride when running?

Saturday - crossing training with the 12k bike with Heather.

Sunday - called for 8k.  Let me start by saying that fog is a runner's friend.  After 28 degree temps yesterday, I knew I needed to be up and out the door bright and early to beat the heat. Mother nature took sympathy on all us runners with long runs and blessed us with a cool fog this morning.  As I reached the home stretch I could see Heather coming the other way.  We were dressed identically....and you can see why we saw each other...bright color and all!  I ended up doing 8k with a pace of 6.2/km...a little faster than I wanted...but done none-the-less!

So next week the mileage jumps with 6.4k x 2 during the week and 9.6k for the long run.  Phew! 

I'm off to do some landscaping and to enjoy the Sunday sun before going back to work tomorrow.  When is my vacation???  Not soon enough!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week....check in next week to see the adventures of Heather and Courteney.  LOL


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  1. I love your closing line, lol. I loaded up on super thick sunscreen for today's run! You're right, food does taste better when someone else cooks! Why is that????? lol