Thursday, 13 June 2013

Fell Off the Wagon and Blueberry Fields

I have to admit a dirty, dark secret.....I fell off the fitness wagon this week.  As you know from my last post, my knee started hurting Sunday on my long run.  I knew I'd need to take a couple of days off running to give the IT Band a rest.  Little did I know that I also unconsciously took a rest from my ab/arm workouts and my ITB stretches!  Boo to me!  And tonight was the culmination of is what I bought when I stopped to get a few groceries.....
Heather, Heidi, and everyone else I ask swear
this is DELICIOUS but addictive.
I`m a little weary about running so I am pushing my scheduled run for tonight off until tomorrow night.  I will stretch tonight and try to get back on that fitness treadmill that I was doing so well with.

On another topic, my work had a "road trip" today to Oxford, NS.  The owners of my company also own a company that produces and ships blueberries.  Our "road trip" was to visit the fields.  We were back in the woods....way back in the woods to visit the blueberry fields.
See those boxes on the side...those are bee hives.  The company
brings in 10,000 bee hives each year to pollinate the blueberries.
This picture is all blueberry field.  We were able to get out of our cars and walk around today because it was cool and windy. If it had been sunny and warm, we would not have been able to get out because there would have been a cloud of bees everywhere.  The company uses the bees only for pollination and leaves the honey in the hives.  I learned today that removing the honey actually stresses the bees and they use all this honey for their winter food.

See those white blooms, a summer student job is to count how many blooms are on each plant...yes...a real job.  Can you imagine how many little blooms there are in a field the size of the picture above? MILLIONS!!!  There are also jobs whereby the duty is to scout for bugs to alert the growers in order to be preventive in saving the crops.  These are jobs I never knew existed!

And what do you do when you leave Oxford?  Well you take a picture with the giant blueberry, that`s what!!  Look closely and you can see my rubber boots.  LOL

That`s it for now.  I`m off to read some running magazines and get some inspiration!  Check back on Sunday to see if I made it out for my runs and climbed back onboard the wagon!


  1. Oh. Em. Gee. Nutella. We bought some the other day, and Little Fox told everyone int eh store about how mommy eats this with a spoon, right out of the jar. Thanks for blowing me cover, kid! LOL

    yesterday for lunch, I melted some in the microwave and dipped fresh fruit into it. I also sometimes put a little in my coffee if it's hot enough to melt it.


    1. (gah, Erin... learn to proofread before hitting submit)

    2. Sounds so yummy...I tasted it for the first time on my finger last night and I was in heaven!!! I see tea and toast in my future quite often!

  2. I am totally buying the jumbo jar of Nutella on Sunday afternoon, post-race! Decided!!! :D

    1. I have one of this GIANT ones coming for you from Costco! :-)

    2. Bring it on....I could so finish it! LOL