Monday, 21 December 2015

2nd Annual Runners Christmas Get Together & Best Darn Recipe

4 more sleeps until Ho-Ho comes....YAY!!!  Mom arrived today at 3:00pm and has already taken over my TV, watching Wheel of Fortune!  LOL

She'd kill me if she knew I posted this shot. 
I'm very lucky where I live in that there are so many runners in and around my neighbourhood.  We really met each other when the Tundra Pounders came to be and now we get together each Christmas to do what runners and chat about running!!  I mean....look at just some of the spread....
Do you see that dip in the lower left corner....TO DIE FOR!!!
So I just can't show you a picture of that dip....I HAVE to give you the recipe!!

Best Darn Apple Dip
1 8 ounce pkg of cream cheese
2 tbsp. brown sugar
1 container of caramel topping
2 Skor bars...or similar
6 green apples

Using an electric mixer, mix the cream cheese and brown sugar until well combined and smooth.  Spread the mixture into a round glass pie baking dish...chill for about 1 hour.  Just prior to serving, spread the caramel topping over the cream cheese.  Using a knife or blender, chop the SKOR bar into small pieces (or cheat and go to Bulk Barn and buy crushed skor)...and sprinkle over the caramel topping.  Serve with cored, unpeeled apple slices.  YUM

Then it was secret santa time.  The organizer used an email program to send out each name so no one knew who had whom!  My secret santa sure did pick me out a great gift!
I hate to burst my gifters bubble, but I don't jump out of bed in the morning
feeling this way.  LOL
I had the easiest person to buy for....Girl Goes Running!  I mean she just put out her 'what to buy your runner friend!' 
Boom Chicka Popcorn, Gu's, owl shorts, and a light for her sneakers!

And then it was time for the group picture...turns out that getting us all lined up and smiling was quite the feat....9 pictures later and we claimed this one as the best!
And of course, there was tons of chatter about this past years races and looking forward to planning the 2016 Season!  We all support each other during our training seasons...even if it's a simple toot of the horn when we see each other running.  No one else understands how crazy we runners can be like other runners!
I'm officially done work...that means day time runs for the next 2 months...YAY!  A group of us are doing a Christmas Marathon (week).  From December 24th to December 30th, we will each run mileage that totals a marathon!  Excited to finish the year running strong!
If I'm not chatting....Have a fantastic holiday to you and your family!  May many happy memories be made!!!!  

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  1. OMG that dip sounds amazing! I am ALL over it!!