Sunday, 23 August 2015

Long Run & Camelbak Review

Another long run is in the books....14km complete in 84% humidity...making 25 degrees celcius seem like 33 degrees....or 93 F for my US readers.  Holy moly!  I wore my new asics for their trial long run hoping for less pain on the pads of my feet.
This picture was taken Tuesday when I had some
weird pain going on.  I wasn't sure what it was exactly
so I taped everything.
Today, I wasn't having any pain so I didn't tape before running and set out at 3:30pm in the afternoon.  There was a slight breeze which helped with the heat but didn't lessen the amount of sweat I lost.  I planned on running a slower run at a 6:30 pace/kilometer as per my pace calculator which helped me factor in the heat and humidity.  A wonderful stitch appeared at the 1km point and stuck with me the entire about sucky!!!  It was also the first time that I wore my camelback that I received for Christmas. 
It has a storage capacity of 1.5L which I didn't fill all the way as I wasn't sure how heavy it would feel on my back.  The pack fit like a glove...the straps kept it nice and snug and it had a zipper pocket on each side that fit my iphone, keys, and fuel easily.  The only part that I had to get used to was the sloshing around the water made as I ran.  I turned my music up louder to try and mask it...but I'm a bit uncomfortable doing that as then I can't hear people coming up behind me.  Besides that fact, I'll definitely take the camelback over the hand held or waist holder water bottle thingy!! 

Back to the run......selfie at the 5k point...

Such a flattering pic....NOT!  Could I have more wires/tubes?
I have to admit, things felt good until 10km and then like clockwork, the pads of both my feet started to ache...I guess the shoes aren't going to make a difference.  I'm going to need to put 2nd skin on them each and every time I run anything over 10.  Then 12km came...from there to was all mental.  I kept telling myself...only 2km left...then only 1 mile left....then 1km...anything that made it seem doable.  I got it done!!  In this humidity, heat, and with a stitch....I'll take my 6.25 pace time.  Next week stays at 14km so that's good for me mentally.  Last year when I trained, I'd have one good week and one bad week...we'll see if that continues!
 As soon as I got home, I applied ice to the area that was giving me problems earlier in the week.  I don't want to take any chances and am definitely going to schedule a PT appointment as well!
Photo bomb by Indy in the top left corner :-)
I know it's super important to replenish the calories I've burned but after every long run, my stomach does not want to accept just doesn't.  I drank some Gatorade and lemonade but trying to force food into me just wasn't happening.  Any one have any tips on that?

What about camelbacks?  Any one else use them?  Love or hate them??

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  1. Nice long run!! I'm always interested in getting a pack for water, but I'm worried the extra weight will annoy me and make my back feel hot or hurt my shoulders, so I've never really tried one. Someday, maybe!