Sunday, 16 August 2015

Foam Fest 2015

And that's it last obstacle race for the year is in the books.  Mud Hero was the dessert to Spartan, with Foam Fest being the after dinner much fun.

There were 4 of us doing the FITFAM I like to say...the same 4 that had completed the outdoor workout.
Peter, Tracey, David, and myself.  Yup...Tracey and
I are dressed alike!!
It was about a 1.5 hour drive to the ski hill where we would be 'racing'.    As we drove up, we saw these.....
This picture does not do them justice.  Look at the people
at the bottom...those were about 60ft up!
Now from someone who strongly dislikes heights...this became a concern.  The thought of freefalling down these slides was not part of my 'fun'.  LOL  But they were close to the last 'obstacle' and so we concentrated on what was to come!!  I wish I had a picture of the foam floating through the was something that just made you laugh.  We lined up for the 10:30am wave....foam up to our chest and then it was go time.  Just a small little climb about 50ft up the hill...then down to the first 'obstacle'.  I put obstacle in quotation marks because they weren't really obstacles...but rather hurdles to get through.  LOL.  The first one was a giant bouncy castle type set up with foam in it.  I jumped in and bounced through...but Pete came right beside me and at one point he 'double' bounced me as I went flying in the air.....I think that one might have been caught on film!!

Then it started....the climb up the entire ski hill.  That's right....we went right to the top.  There was no running...there was walking, slow walking, and walking backwards...anything to get to the top.  There were a couple of mud holes to climb through, and a low cargo net type crawl maze.  The point was to get muddy going up and then clean coming down.   There was a cargo net climb...a pretty high one...a couple board obstacles to climb and 4 water slides to go down....hands first into a bunch of water and much fun!

And then it was time for that water slide.  Tracey and I nervously climbed up...knowing we could not do the walk of shame back down with the guys we closed our eyes...said a little prayer...and went!!!  I tried to slow myself down by pushing my legs against the sides...but was still really scary!!!

We then had one more tiny waterslide to go down before crossing the finish line. 

  They had popsicles at the end that were super yummy.  You should try them out if you get a chance!

I really wanted more than one!!!
And then came the decision that I had been thinking about.  See Foam Fest had this 30ft scaffolding jump you could do into one of those stunt mattresses....
In the background you can see the start to the foam run.
Having the fear of heights that I do, I kind of wanted to do it to prove to myself that I could.  However...after going down that waterslide...I decided to I had proved enough to myself for one day.  I watched a few brave soles jump and scream and that was enough for me!  I had a fantastic time with my friends on a beautiful day and that is what counts the most!!!
Love the medal!
And a comfy tshirt too!!
If a foam fest ever comes to your area...I highly suggest you take the opportunity and get filthy clean!!!

So now I go back to regular racing for the remainder of the year.  Up next?  Maritime Race weekend...5k Sunset and 10k morning run!!!

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