Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Line has Been Drawn

It seems like I have become a once-a-week blogger...that is purely unintentional...I promise.  The reason is that I feel like I don't have a lot to pass onto interesting life 'higher-than-thou' advice...nothing!  See that's what happens when I don't have a goal...I just go from activity to activity...going through the motions.  Well....that all stopped last night!  I've been toying with what I wanted to do this year...did I want to do another sprint triathlon?  another half marathon?  I didn't really know.  And then I pressed the 'Register' button on the Sprint Spartan Race...and I scared the bejesus out of me! And then I did what all 'beginners' do to a new race...I started you-tubing 'spartan' videos....that did nothing to calm my fears!!!

Spartan and 'calm' are not meant to be
in the same sentence.
So June 6th is the day....the 10:30am wave....with my #360Fit family!  Training started today...well last night as I did my glute exercises!  I haven't run for almost two months and it's affecting me mentally and physically....see running allows me to get out of my own off to the track I went this morning.  I totally forgot what it was like to wear was nice!!!

My feet have gone soft in 2 months...I need to toughen
them up again.
I'm glad that there will be others that I know on the course...and I definitely plan on training for this event and being ready for the obstacles....or the 480 burpees that I'll have to do should I fail completing all the obstacles. (you have to do 30 burpees or complete the obstacle).

It scares the crap out of me...and that makes me know that I have chosen a good goal for myself.  Is another 1/2 marathon out of the question?  Nope!  I need to continue to work on my IT band issues and see what distance I can put in before deciding on that one.  For now....I have a goal....and that makes me gives me something to train towards!!
Have any of the RGF readers completed an obstacle course in the past?  If so....anyone have tips that they would like to pass along to help calm me??


  1. Spartan sounds like a great challenge! One of my friends is hugely into obstacle races. Her blog is here: and she has tons of info!

  2. Good for you, that's exciting! I've never done a Spartan race. I did Mud Hero the first year it was at Martock and it was a disaster for me (post 2nd baby), super hot hot afternoon. Glad you are doing a morning wave! You'll rock it!

  3. Hey, I see you are the Team CBC trainer. Cool, I'll look forward to the events!

    1. Sure am...hope to see you out for some of our evening runs starting March 18th (if mother nature cooperates)!