Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Tough-ass Workout!!!

5 days until Christmas....holy moly!!!  Are you ready?  Close???  Me neither....LOL

Today was the first Saturday I didn't work at the gym in two what did I do?  Well I got up at 6:30am in order to take Emily's 8:00am class  She promised us fun and energy shots!!
We did shots...and they were actually not bad!
Onto the class.  Emily set up 8 different stations with a planned 50 seconds at each station, no break in between....yes...I said NO break!!
  1. Burpees with the jump being over a sandbag
  2. Sprinter crunches
  3. Box jumps onto a bosu ball
  4. Kettlebell swings
  5. Chest rows on the TRX
  6. Spiderman pushups
  7. High Knees on the ladders
  8. Reverse lunges with medicine ball press
Round one complete, and then Emily threw us into some cardio with mountain climbers and a push up thrown in here and there + jumping jacks with a squat jump thrown in for good measure.  Yes...she basically didn't let us stop for the full 45 minutes. 
Explanation + warm up time
We all pushed through it and finished sweating and worn out.  The biggest compliment given to any trainer is when your participants leave exhausted!!!

I am teaching next Saturday and I have a lot to live up to!!  Congrats Emily on a fantastic class!!!

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