Wednesday, 10 September 2014

WIAW and 10 Fun Facts

I am borrowing The Athletarian's What I ate Wednesday idea.
I've been working from the home the past couple of days (and no....I didn't get the job that I was hoping for) so I've been eating on the go so to speak.  Last night I decided to try something a little different to an old standard.  Let me introduce you to:

 I used 1 can of tuna, a large tablespoon of plain greek yogurt, and a couple slices of chopped up apple.  Now before you say 'ewwwww', it actually turned out quite tasty, and filled me up quickly.  For dessert, I had a couple of my energy bites.  It is officially 3 weeks since I've had a chocolate bar....this is HUGE for me!!  It is especially hard now that I am seeing Halloween candy in the stores and the bulk barn...why are they so mean to me??

I thought I'd leave you with this quick funny...I saw it on facebook and couldn't resist!
Have a great week.  I have 2 races coming up this weekend...a sunset 5k on Friday night where I will be pacing someone in the hopes of achieving a PB, and then the 10k on Saturday as I guide Stephanie in her 2nd 10km race.  The question now I dress up like a pirate???  Oh....the decisions!!

What did you eat today? 
Do you usually eat clean....or eat whatever you want knowing that you will probably run or exercise it off??

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  1. I eat clean 80 % of the time, but always have some percentage to spare for sugar! Yes, I run because I love sugar and baking, sometimes they are the only joys to my day. Good for you going chocolate free, I'm pretty certain I couldn't do that. Sorry about the job, I can relate....