Tuesday, 9 September 2014

10 Reasons that Running is Better than Therapy

We've all heard of it - the Runner's High.  Some will say it doesn't exist - others are addicted to it...but either way....running is better than therapy.

Here are my 10 reasons why:
  1. For $150, you can get WAY more than 1 hour of therapy...in fact....you can get about 500km which equates, on average, to 50 hours on the open road.  Change that back to therapy $$ and you would have spent $7500.  WOW!!
  2. You do not need to book a running appointment months in advance.
  3. If you run/chat with someone, they do not need a fancy degree.
  4. You can swear on your run.
  5. You can run with as many people at once as you want....and it's still free.
  6. Going for a run usually does not end with you having 'homework' to do.
  7. The tears shed on a run seem to cure things 100 times faster than tears shed in therapy.
  8. Sitting on a therapists couch does not burn calories.
  9. You meet TONS of amazing and positive people in the running community.
  10. And finally....with each run, you realize your body and mind are capable of more than you ever thought possible....and that, my friends, is BAD ASS!
Can you think of any other reasons?  I want to hear them!!!
I challenge other bloggers to make up their own "10 Reasons Running is Better than ____"

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  1. You don't get medals at therapy.....at least I don't think so....lol!