Monday, 22 September 2014

Received a Cool Email!

Is this SPAM or NOT SPAM???  That was the question I asked myself a few weeks ago when I received an email from a company called Nth Degree.  They wanted me to write for their website as they were redesigning their product site and were including a community blog.  The sender included their phone number so I decided to call to verify if it was real....and....IT WAS!  Sabrina was super nice and so excited to chat over the phone about what the company was looking for!

Nth Degree sells sports water and protein powder
Sabrina said I didn't have to endorse their product or offer any opinions on it, all they wanted was for me to continue to write blogs about fitness and nutrition, providing motivation and information to readers. The company and I emailed back and forth for a couple of weeks with me submitting 3 articles so far. Only 1 has been published on their website, with the other 2 to follow.  They post my name as the author and provide a link back to my blog (the one you are reading right  I am providing them different material than what I cover here as I find this to be more personal than they want.  I was like a little kid when I received the email today that said my first article was published.  I immediately clicked on the link and saw my article up on the blog site.  Check it out:

Now I need to provide them with a short bio. Luckily I have one from the Sole Sisters website that I can forward to them.  So that is my cool news that I mentioned a while back...I love writing and love that I get to do it in this kind of setting.  It just proves that you never know who is reading your blog, or where it might take you!