Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Workout That Didn't Happen

This last week has been a disaster in terms of training.  I got stuck  addicted to the show the point I thought I might need an intervention.  My week looked like this:

Monday - nothing...diddly squat...8 hours of SUITS
Tuesday - 16km long run
Wednesday - a repeat of Monday
Thursday - an easy 6km run with Steph
Friday - rest day
Saturday - repeat of Monday
Sunday - an 18km long run

Truth be told, this text conversation happened last night:

And it was bang on.  Cyclone Fitness was holding their 2nd outdoor workout and I wanted no part of it.  I was telling myself it was because I didn't want to get hurt while training for my half...truth was...I was just being lazy.  However....a friend of mine was going and I'd told her I'd be there.  Damn her for holding me accountable.  JK Jen!!  As it turns out, mother nature had other plans with rain over night and this morning, causing the workout to be cancelled.
Here is where the mental game took over.  I was all ready with workout gear on and had to decide what to do.  I knew Sam and Heather were both doing their long runs today and so I thought "why not?"  It now takes me about 15-20 minutes to get ready for my runs including taping my feet and getting my bottles ready.  I set out with no pressure.  If I ran 10k and it sucked...I would stop.  And then it happened...Heather ran by me at about 6k and asked how far I was going.  "18k I replied".  And there it was now out there...I had to finish....and finish I did!
See how low my garmin battery was...I prayed the entire run
that it would make it through!
I refueled with Chocolate Milk and my ever-faithful energy bites...then I registered for my first official half marathon at the Valley Harvest on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!  I NEVER thought I'd ever run a 1/2 marathon and I am 3km away from completing one...holy smokes!  Mom asked me today when I was going to stop increasing my mileage (in her motherly concerned voice).  I told her I was done until race day and would now slowly taper.  That's a new word to I had to explain!  I was also reminded today that I tend to say I'll never do something...and then do it anyways.  Can you say stubborn?  I never thought I'd run a 10k (at least when I started running)...then I said I'd never do a triathlon....and now this half.  What the heck is wrong with me???  I believe I do it so I can have more to blog about.  LOL
What does a runner do after a long run...I went to Chapters and read more about running a 1/2 marathon!
And yes...I sit on the floor in front of the section I am reading!
I hope you are all having a great weekend.  I am hoping to hear back about the job I interviewed for...fingers crossed! Oh....and I have some exciting news coming up next week...stay tuned!!!

Remember...never say are capable of more than you think!! 
Do any of you have any advice for my first 1/2 marathon?
Also...what race was your first half?  Did you enjoy it or hate it?


  1. Congratulations on your 18 km run! I am so excited for you to do your first half at the Valley especially since I will be there too. My first half marathon was at the Johnny miles event into thousand nine and it poured from the heavens the entire time but I was still smiling. You are right it is about thinking that you can't do something and then totally smashing that thought!

    1. Lol 2009* I am using my microphone to text

    2. I'm excited to get a runalicious half marathon tshirt. LOL. I'll be waiting at the finish line for you and Sam to finish!