Monday, 14 July 2014

Getting outside our own Minds

This week marked the Canadian Transplant Games in Moncton, NS.  These are the games that we trained the Organ Grinders to compete in. It's hard to believe that 13 weeks ago we met these athletes for the first time.  I remember the first meeting and the look of uncertainty on their faces...especially when G started asking them to do mountain climbers and grasshoppers!

Slowly....over 13 weeks we watched them follow the training plan and believe in the process!!  We gave them motivation and taught them to believe in themselves and mentally prepare for these games!  As much as they needed their bodies to be ready, they also needed to believe that they could do it.  We all know that any type of competition is 80% mental and believing you can and that your body can.  With the games finished, the Nova Scotia athletes brought home 6 Gold, 3 Silver, and a bronze....the first medals ever for a Nova Scotia team!  As trainers, nothing could make us more proud!!

I've also been reminded recently that we are often too hard on ourselves.  We look at ourselves in the mirror every day and often can't see the changes that our body is making until someone tells us.  This causes me to pause....and doubt the process....doubt the work that I am putting in.    I need to stop this!  I need to get outside of my own mind!
I need to remember to believe in the process, just like the organ grinders did,  and to remember that the results will come.  
Having said that, I'm trying out several different types of fitness classes to find something other than triathlon training.  This weekend I did my 2nd spin class, and I'm hoping to do a barre and TRX class soon.  In fact, I'm hoping to become certified to teach TRX soon!!!  Have any of you done a barre class?  If it or not???  
I'm not sure how I am even smiling at this point!
Do any of you have any suggestions on other types of classes that I should try and maybe love???  Thanks for stopping by....hope you all push your limits and enjoy your week! 

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  1. I want to do TRX soooo bad. I can't find a class here that's closer than Charlottetown... I don't want to drive 45 mins (one way!) for it. It seems like it'd closer to the kind of conditioning we did in gymnastics, so I think I'd like it. I'd like to do barre too, actually.