Sunday, 9 February 2014

Benefits of Running with a Group/Buddy

Welcome Sunday....Runday!

It's been a busy week of running for me!
  • Monday - 6k run
  • Wednesday - 5.4k at the track
  • Thursday - 5k with the group
  • Friday - short 2k run
  • Saturday - 7k with the group
  • Sunday - 4k with the beginner group, 2k wind down run
I keep telling myself that all these layers and cold will
make for easy runs come spring & summer.
One of the group members and I were talking about how much we enjoy the social aspect of the group.  We hate to miss a run for fear of missing a conversation that would leave us out of the loop.  LOL  This led me to look for other benefits of running with a group/buddy...
  • With a group such as the TTP, we have members of all ages, distances, and abilities.  Many people share similar goals and worries and the group can help find solutions.
  • Can motivate you to run further or push you harder.
  • Makes you more accountable.  It's not as easy to blow off a run when you know there are people waiting for you.  Trust me, I would not have run many days this winter had there not been a group waiting!
  • Can inspire you to try something different in terms of training as you learn what others are doing.
  • It's safer to run in groups or pairs.
  • Networking can be done.
  • Expanded social network
  • Time passes so much quicker when you are chatting.
  • You have your own cheering squad at races.
I am finding my solo runs boring these days, not to mention I'm constantly checking my garmin wondering how far I've gone.  Thank god for the TTP.

In other news, I received an awesome text (yes...I said awesome) yesterday.  My close friend R had her baby girl at 12:55pm yesterday.  Of course I went to the hospital to visit the family.  Can you believe she only pushed for 3.5 minutes...yes minutes!  She is a super hero!
Little missy is absolutely adorable and has the cutest little nose!

Well, I'm off to try out a new egg muffin recipe...will do a review later in the week.  Thanks for dropping by RG....have a great week and remember to challenge your limits!!!

Do you prefer to run solo or with a group??? Why?


  1. i need a partner...or a group ESPECIALLY on long runs. it is new post I put totally is along this wave length!! Strength in numbers especially in our Canadian winters!

  2. I was always a solo runner but the group has certainly changed my perspective...I'm really looking forward to this summer when more of the group joins us!

  3. Great running this week! I'm totally But I like it :)

  4. Mostly I like to run alone especially on the long runs. I moved here a couple years ago and I haven't found a good running group that works for me. But definitely there are a lot of benefits to running with a group!

  5. I totally agree on all these points. Running in a group is such a great motivator. The only thing I don't like is when I become dependent and start to avoid running if I have to run alone.