Sunday, 16 March 2014

Baby Steps

Happy Sunday everyone!  I can't believe it's the middle of March already...bring on spring!!!

Friday night I went shopping!  Is it wrong that I'm as excited for this purchase as some people are for a new car?  Athletes (and yes...I'm calling myself that) really get excited about things that are different than others.  Meet my newest toy.....
Saturday was a group run in the morning, followed by mom coming in to visit.  She was here to listen to my Sole Sisters presentation...she said I did well once I got in my groove....that's a pass coming from my mom....LOL.  Maybe presenting is like running, it takes the first 5 minutes (or kilometer) to find your groove and feel comfortable!!!
She listened to my presentation as well.
She is just a little teddy bear.
Today I was up early and headed to the pool.  I had missed my Wednesday night swim due to a leg massage (which I'm still feeling BTW).    Today was the first day that I swam with my head in the water for my front crawl.  I have an inner ear symptom that causes me to become extremely dizzy when I lay on my right side.  Because I turn my head to the left (right ear in the water) when swimming, I was really weary to try my head I took the chance.  Slowly, very slowly I started the swim.  It felt good...and so far I have no that is a win.  Baby steps, right???

Goggle lines ...guess I have to get used to these
 Friday night, when I shopping, I also walked away with one of these.  Ali from Hit the Ground Running has something similar and convinced me I needed one.  Boy....was she right!!!

Everyone should have one of these!
This puppy is so much better than my usual rolling pin method and not so expensive coming in at $19.99.  Those individual spikey things hit every little muscle you can think of!

Today is a Shamrock 5k group run...Indy did okay last time so I think I'll take him again.  I mean...who can resist this face?
I hope you guys have a fantastic day and upcoming week.  Remember to not only push the limits but push through your limits and experience something new!!

Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi!!!


  1. Nice bike! I love my roller and other toys! Recently I have been using one with a rudder thingy at the gym. I think it's called rumble roller. Anyway it really gets into the muscles.

    1. Ohhh...I'll have to look that up. I'm excited to try the bike out...I just want mother nature to cooperate and send warm weather our way!!

  2. Awesome training day for you ! Good for you !

    1. Not awesome as the run didn't really turn out great...but was glad I got the swim in!

  3. You are awesome for focusing on doing a Tri. Seriously, so cool.

    I'm glad you love your stick!!! I used to use a rolling pin too, but it's amazing how good the real thing feels!

    1. I'm still a bit freaked out that I actually signed up for it...and the stick rocks!

  4. We're bike twins! Great job on sticking to your plan :)