Tuesday, 11 February 2014

3D Gait Results & I had a mouse!

For anyone who knows me, you know that I am an animal lover.  I own a dog and 3 kitties that are spoiled rotten.  Having said that, when I opened my baking cupboard and found this.....

I knew I would have to implement Operation C-A-T.  Doesn't the face below remind you of an avid hunter???

It took a couple of days but this morning I found this on my bathroom floor.  I'm sorry to all you mouse lovers out there....he was a cute little fellow but he's in a safer place now!

On a different note, last night I had my follow up appointment for my 3D gait analysis that I wrote about earlier.  My analysis found the following:
  • My left hip rolls inward just slightly
  • Both my hip drops are even and within the ideal range
  • My cadence is about 165 (which matches what I have recently counted)
  • I have minimal heel kick out
  • I have a tiny bit of inward toe point - this is just a habit and not due to weak ankles
The exercises that I was given will help build my hip and hamstring strength. The building of the hip strength will lessen the amount my hips roll inward and thus decrease the amount the IT band is stretched across the knee.  I have to be conscious when running to try and watch my toe turn and to increase my cadence slowly by 5 beats per minute.  I have downloaded the metronome app on my iPhone and will start to use that this week.  Now I just have to be religious in doing the exercises as prescribed....both before and after running!

I'm off to watch Jeopardy...it's college week which means I might actually be able to answer a few of the questions.  Thanks for stopping by....and remember to challenge your limits!!


  1. Is it weird that I love mice? I had one as a pet as a kid. However, once we had a RAT eating our food and that thing was 17 inches nose to tail. GROSS.

  2. Eeek ... a mouse :) I have a metronome on my iPhone too. I always forget to use it :) Keep us up to date on how it goes. I need to pay attention go my cadence too.