Monday, 27 January 2014

Before Running.....

So a few days ago, I was looking through some Canadian Blogs that I have recently been introduced to (Thanks Canuck Running Blogs (and those who love them)).  I came across Solana's blog and stole an idea she had.

I reached out to the Tundra Pounders and another running group I belong to (Lakeshore Runners) and asked them to finish this sentence:

Something I never knew before I tried running was.......

Some of the answers had me smiling, some of them had me tearing I share just a snapshot of the many answers I got back!!!

  • That I'd become addicted
  • That I'd learn the true meaning of love/hate
  • That going downhill is harder than going uphill
  • The thrill of finding your inner strength when you least expect it, when you think you will have to stop, and then with a single positive thought/inspiration it ignites a flame and you are back in the fight.
  • First or last, it is the same finish line.
  • That I would come to love the feeling of exhaustion
  • That I would love the feeling of accomplishment and personal strength of the finish line.
  • Simply:  It was a missing piece in my life
  • How you can find peace in your head
  • That I don't want to do it, but when I am out there, I love it!
  • That I can do it!
  • It can be an actual craving
  • What my mind and body are capable of.
  • How many great friendships I would make
  • That no matter your ability or your distance, you are always encouraged
  • How therapeutic it can be...the best medicine
  • That losing toe nails can be a badge of honor...and take forever to grow back.
  • How much fun it is to run with other people than by is motivating.
  • That training for long races would actually make me more confident going into labour.
I want to thank everyone who responded as you gave me a little peak into why you run!  And you ask what have I learned?  I've learned that runners are a very positive group of people to be around and that positivity is contagious!!!!

What have each of you learned that you didn't know before????


  1. This is all so true. I can identify with each one! I've learned you're only as strong as your mind; you MUST learn to be mentally strong in order to become physically strong!

    1. This is so true Ali.....they (whoever they are) aren't lying when they say it is 80% mental, 20% physical.

  2. These are all so sweet and heart felt, but I'm just going to come out and say it: "That it isn't the cheapest sport out there!" Hello neon gear & race fees! LOL

  3. Truth in every statement! Thanks for sharing!

  4. great post courteney! i've learned that it's easier to keep going than to stop and start again ...