Friday, 31 January 2014

Birthday Run and Motivation!

Hi there running (or non running) peeps!  Today is my birthday....and what do runners do on their birthday?  Well they schedule a 5k run with the most awesome running group....that's what!!!!

I picked up K and we made our way to the school to meet up with a few other members.  As we rounded the corner...what do I see but a lot of the members!!!  They had arranged a mini-surprise gathering for me, complete with presents, cupcakes, and a mini cake for me!  I was overwhelmed to say the least!!!!
Birthday cake with all our glow stuff!!!

I have the best group of running friends.  Amazing 5k
to celebrate the big day!!!!
Earlier this week, I pulled together a sort of motivational montage for the TTP.  The thing that everyone picked up on was that we are all smiling.  Most of these pics are taken after we've run...which makes the smiles mean even more!  Have a watch.

 I'm so proud of this group...they have come so far since we started back in October.  Our pace when running is a good 6:30 at least.

This group has kept me running when I wouldn't have, they have made me smile and laugh when I least expected, and they keep me wanting to come back for more.  If you have never run with a group...or are timid to...don't can be amazing!  I do make some solo runs as well...but I definitely enjoy the group runs so much more!!!!

I hope everyone has had a productive January....onward and upward to February we go!  Crossing my fingers that the groundhog DOES NOT see his shadow!!!!


  1. That's one of my FAVOURITE running songs! Love the video! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day!! I am also crossing my fingers! Have a great weekend!

    1. I totally agree Crystal...I can be thinking of walking and when I hear that song I pick it up! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!!

  2. Ah, birthday runs are the BEST. Happy belated!!!!