Thursday, 5 December 2013

TTP makes the Paper

I'm like a proud momma....The running group made it to the local community newspaper.
The article is too big for me to post a full picture....but you get the idea.  And.....the main newspaper for the city of Halifax is going to be at the Santa Shuffle on Saturday and will be taking pictures of the group and doing an article as well.  I'm just so proud of how supportive the group is of all members and want others to experience it!!!

I also dropped a 2nd clothing order off at the printers today.  Cheryl sees me coming and sees dollar signs I'm sure.  LOL  This time, toques won out for most orders....I think we ordered 34 toques in total.'ll see us coming!!!

Last night I ran my first solid run with the group. What?  I know.  I spend a lot of the run time leading the run/walk groups so it was nice just to keep going.  I had a darn stitch the whole time and felt like I was holding them back...but they were troopers and stayed with me.  I think we looked a little intimidating as we spread 5 across and ran the streets.  LOL.  We really need to get the guys some better reflective clothing.  LOL

So as mentioned above, the Santa Shuffle 5k fun run is on Saturday.  Many members of the group are going and will be their first race.  I am so excited to high five them as they come across the finish line...what an accomplishment in such a short time!  I'm all ready...with my Santa hat!

Oh...and a final thought...if you have not tried this must go to Sobeys or Superstore...or somewhere and get some immediately.  If you can't find it...I will ship it to's THAT good!!!  I think the added white chocolate and peppermint might make this a 'non-nutritious' snack.  LOL

Have a great night....tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

Anyone else running this weekend?
Does anyone have a favorite Christmas candy??  Getting Turtles at Christmas has been a tradition for year.

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  1. I have not tried the peppermint kettle corn..... :0 I imagine it would be fantastic.

    That super neat the group made the paper!