Sunday, 8 December 2013

Santa Shuffle & Sunday Runday

So what were you up to this weekend?  I have to admit, it was a busy one for me.  Yesterday morning was the annual Santa Shuffle in support of the Salvation Army.  This was the first year I have run the race and was running with the Tundra Pounders. For some, this was their first 5k race and they were super nervous/excited to do so.  Before the race started, we had an interview with Global is the link:  The clip about the race starts at 7:25 and the Tundra Pounders comes on at 8:25.  This is definitely not a race to run hard...there are way too many people and the trail is way too narrow.  Having said was fun to see so many people running for a good cause.
We had 18 members register and run.  Great job!
Love the medal
After the race, I headed to moms in Bridgewater to help her put up the tree.  Remember her cute little doggie we went and picked up a couple of months back?  Well she just adores Indy and follows him everywhere!  In this pic, Indy has a bone and Amber wants it....thank god he has patience!!!
Back to the city today to run the group run at 11am.  There were 4 of us that ran...and the wind was chilly. I wish I had taken a pic when I took off my legs were RED.  Looks like I need warmer tights.  I might have to take Heather's suggestion from her Runner's wish list.

I love that we all have a different color sneaker on.  LOL

The last TTP news is that we've decided to hold our own little Santa Shuffle for the kids.  Santa will be there and there will pics, certificates, and candy canes for sure.  So excited to see a bunch of kids running free. (well...through the trail).
Stay tuned as more details are hammered out!

Sorry if these seems rushed...I just feel a bit frazzled...LOL....where did my weekend go????

I'll be back tomorrow with 'life through my phone'.  LOL


  1. It sounds like you had a very busy weekend! You did a great job in the interview - congrats again on all the success with the TTPs :)

    Great meeting you!

  2. This weekend did fly by! Amber and Indy sure are cute :)