Friday, 29 November 2013

TTP Clothing has arrived!!!!!!!! oh....and the talk of the town!!!

Yes....that title sure does warrant all those exclamation points!  LOL

I was bouncing off the walls at work today knowing that I was going to pick up the clothing after work.  And then Cheryl of Advanced Screening was laughing her head off as they showed me the finished products!!!

I finally got home and popped the boxes open....LOVE LOVE the look!
This hoodie is SOOOO comfortable!!!
Look out are going to see us coming from a mile away....LOL!!  I cannot wait until the Santa Shuffle fun run in a weeks time when many of us will be wearing the shirts!!!

My boss said that even her 1/2 marathon training group at the Running Room were talking about 'this group in Timberlea that has like 90 members'.  Hehe....that's us!

There are 3 different runs scheduled for tomorrow...hoping to get to all of them. :-)  Cause come on....I'm playing Santa this weekend and delivering all the shirts!!!

Have a great Friday night everyone...I'm on cloud 9 right now....hehehe


  1. Woooo, that must have been a lot of clothes to sort! LOL. They look great :)

  2. Yay!! They look great. Love all the different colours!

  3. Cool shirts. Did you design them? Have fun at the Santa shuffle!