Sunday, 15 December 2013 Runday

The weather today is miserable...unless you are a five year old.  Here in Nova Scotia we woke up to windy, snowy conditions.  First thing I did was cancel the group run planned for would have been crazy to venture out!  I was looking forward to it as two new members were going to finally make it out to a group run.  Boo to Mother Nature.  What do you do when it's snowy and cold?  Well you put this on repeat and wrap presents of course:

My day via camera roll

Jim Carrey does it well

Tomorrow is a cookie exchange at work and I tried to make the ones in the top picture.  They are okay...nothing spectacular so I think they will remain home to eat.  Such a pitty.  LOL.  This week also saw an ugly sweater competition at work.  Here is the submission completed by my team:

We came in 2nd.  Some others had lights and such...but they required plugs.  I voted on functionality...there were 2 sweaters that you could wear...ours...and one other.  I voted for the other.
Here are some other pictures from my camera roll:

I grew up in Mahone Bay and driving through it brings back such memories.  It's such a picturesque town!
It was super chilly yesterday morning for the Santa Shuffle...want to know how chilly?  My iPhone shut off.  I knew I had enough battery but I was in the middle of taking candid shots and 'bam'...nothing.  It's looking like the rest of the week will warm up a bit.
In terms of running....I did one run on Tuesday night....lost my 'running in the snow' virginity.  I loved it.  But that was the total of my running this week....5.35k.  Sad really!  Next week is a new week....and the week after I am on vacation and hoping to get in some daytime runs!!!  In the mean time....I hope each of you had a productive/relaxing is a message from Mr. Indy


  1. I watched ELF all day on Repeat! LOL.

    1. I LOVE that movie...I think I've watched it 5 times already this year.

  2. Yuck to the snow and blowing weather! We had that the other week and my motivation to do anything went right out the window