Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Another Snow Day

Well it's another snow day here in Nova Scotia.  This one shut down much of the least for the morning.  Mother Nature sure is hitting us hard early.  I've picked a great year to start running in the winter....NOT!
I chose to work from home today instead of test the icy, snow covered streets.  When I work at home, this is what my living room looks like.  That's right...two laptops, an iPad, and my iPhone are close by.

Today was also the day that the Chronicle Herald article came out about the TTP's.  Lindsey (the journalist) did a fantastic job I believe.

Last night, the group had a night run.  It was doubtful we would get it in but we were all shack happy from being cooped up last week...we went!  There was a full moon guiding our way and we just took our time on the snowy roads.  Two of the members were wearing yak traks and I am definitely investing in a pair.  The sound they made on the snow made it sound super safe as they gripped the slippery roads.
I was just reading back through prior posts (trying to find a recipe) and I realized that with the new year approaching it's time to start my monthly goal posting again.  I already have a few in my mind that will hit January....what are you all going to do in the new year???   I also found the plank a day chart that I'm going to do again....and I'm going to pull the TTP's into this one too. LOL.  The more support I have (being selfish) the more likely I am to keep up with it.
Can you believe that in one week, it is Christmas?  Wowzers....I love Christmas!  I remember this one Christmas I woke up early to see what santa had brought...I tiptoed down the stairs and could faintly see this outline in the looked like a person!  I ran back upstairs....woke up my nanny and explained in a panic that Santa had fallen asleep in the chair.  We had to wake him up!  She followed me downstairs, and turned on the light....turns out santa had brought me a new snow suit that he had laid out in the chair!  Silly me.  Nanny went back to bed (given it was about 2am) and I soon followed.  This is one of those memories I will treasure always!  Do you have any fond memories from Christmas???
Well I'm off to finish working...and trying to find the recipe I want.  Have a safe and happy Wednesday!  2 more days and I'm on vacation for a week...and I can't wait!!!!


  1. That's a funny story :)

    Vacation can't come soon enough!

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