Monday, 23 December 2013

100th Post and TTP gives back!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! 

Here it 100th post....I find that hard to believe!

My post today is a feel-good post!  Back on Wednesday when the Epic Canadian Race began their contest for free sneakers, someone posted about giving them to the poor.  Luke MacDonald of Aerobics First does a lot of work for the homeless where he takes gently used sneakers/socks and donates them to local shelters.  This past October he participated in a function called Connect that connects businesses with the homeless.  He properly fitted over 250 individuals with new-to-them footwear.  A goosebumps moment he says.  Someone in the TTP took this idea and ran with it...excuse the pun.  She posted a message that she would gather coats, sneakers, socks, etc and deliver them to Luke today.  The TTP are a competitive bunch so when Luke told us that the largest donation to date was 365 pieces, the challenge was on!

Per a post on facebook from the member, the TTP and others were able to donate a total of over 500 items today.  We are already looking forward to next year and what we can do to help others!!
Kim and Jennifer delivering over 20 bags to a shelter!!
This morning, I met with Luke and nailed down a date for him to come talk with the group.  Mark January 11th on your calendars!!  Luke is going to talk about proper footwear fittings and other running tips as well as go on a small run with us...I think. :-)

While at Aerobics First, I also got fitted for my free pair of sneakers.  I think Luke knows me all too well, as look at the color he gave me!!!
And one more picture of my meals the last couple of days.  The first is a salmon pasta supper from last night, the 2nd is my chicken quesadilla (from the local TBR) from lunch today.  Both were yummy!

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  1. I love those new kicks! Your lunch also looks super yummy :D