Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Physio Outcome: IT Band Syndrome

And the professional opinion says????  When I asked Allison if she thought I'd be able to run the 1/2, she made this face that said....ummm...maybe.  Her voice said "I think you got in early enough that we can try."  The problem?  My glute muscles are too weak.  I said a very rooky thing "I thought with all my running that they would be stronger by now."  Apparently, we don't use our glute muscles when running which is why we need to do extra exercises to build them.  Without doing so, things like tight IT bands develop.  What is the IT Band?

See that large muscle running from the hip down to the knee?
I also found this great article online discussing IT Band Syndrome and what causes it.  The treatment today?  Heat, electric currents, and manual manipulation. 

The last time I had manual work done, I was bruised for 2 weeks.  It wasn't as bad today, until she hit the part of the IT band at the very top of my leg, the piece right by the gluteus maximus muscle. I nearly yelled out loud!  She told me to use a tennis ball to roll out that particular area as the foam roller may not get deep enough.

So I'm off to do my new exercises in the hopes of building my darn butt muscles!!!!

Thanks for checking in!


  1. I'll help with the butt muscles!

  2. That's great news! Fingers are crossed for a speedy recovery. :)

  3. I am happy its not more serious, I am wishing you a speedy recovery! :-)