Monday, 19 August 2013

Road Trip Results

Have you been dying to know what I've been up to???  Well here it is....yesterday was a road trip to Sackville, NB...that's a 5 hour round trip...for this amazing little girl:
Please meet Amber...and yes...those are Christmas lights
around the tree.
Amber is 10 months old and is the biggest, fluffiest teddy bear.  She was a little shy when we first got her home, but by the end of day, had settled in nicely.  Heather of GGR stopped by and Amber would run and jump into her arms, wagging her little tail!!  Her puppy playfulness started to come out as well and I wanted mom to stay longer just so I could play with this little gal.  I think Indy and her will become fast friends!!!

I should now rewind and go back a and I woke early (5:30)...I think we both thought it was Christmas Day.  I prepared us a little picnic snack for our road trip....nothing fancy
I told you I'm addicted to those Big Turk bites!
We hit the road early and met Amber at noontime in Sackville.  It was a gorgeous day for a drive...not a cloud in the sky.  Amber quickly settled into the backseat and we didn't hear a peep out of her.  We made a little pit stop on our way home.  See...I'm calling this vacation..."What I've always wanted to do....".  So Saturday I ran downtown, and yesterday we stopped at Mastodon Ridge.
They have a Flintstone house too but I didn't go into that.  It's amazing the number of people that are attracted by a huge Mastodon...myself included.  LOL

This picture was taken in my backyard as we were trying to get Amber to come out of her shell a bit.  The picture is a bit deceiving as she is only about 12 inches high and weighs about 15 pounds (if that).  Her paws have the softest fur I've ever felt.  She's tiny enough that even my cats weren't intimidated and walked right up to her.  She always has tons of kisses for anyone who will give her a pat.

Okay....I know...I know...I'm supposed to be blogging about running.  I do have a run coming up later...another 5k...but I just had to tell you about this gal.  Expect to see many more pics of her and Indy!!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Amber is beautiful! And how cute is that picnic!? :)

  2. Oh my gosh I am in love with Amber!! Welcome home girl!

  3. Awe she is so adorable! And I love road trips and packing snacks/picnics!