Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fast 5k and Tons of Pictures

Today was a busy day for me.  I started the day off with an early hair appointment.  I wanted a new 'do' and came away with this:
Thanks to Rick at Totally Yours for a fantastic cut!!!
I don't see many of these on my usual route.
Next....I took off for a 5k run in the 'city'...hence the running gear being worn to the hairdressers!  Here are some of the scenes I took in:
All the power boxes in the city are painted different designs.

Everytime I drive by here, I wish
I was I was!
I love the large trees that line the sidewalks
At this point I needed to cross a crosswalk, and the older gentleman that stopped to let me go, joking said, 'Gotta pick up the pace'!  I did as he said, and picked it up in the last couple of kilometers finishing strong and the fastest 5k this year!  And guess what?  No ITB pain!!!  I'm not getting too excited but will continue to run about 5k every other day for the next week to see how it feels!

Next I was off to friends, for their daughters 9th birthday party.  20 8-10 year olds with soccer balls, volley balls, and a bouncy castle!
I am proud to say that I did not indulge in one of matter how yummy they looked!
Tonight will be a relaxing one, getting ready for my mini road trip.  Stay Tuned!!!!


  1. 27:34?? Damn girl, you fast!!!!!!

  2. Nice time!! And yay for no pain! that's awesome. I hope you stay pain-free. :) Also, love love love the hair!! I really need a new style. I don't think I've had a "style" since I started growing out my bangs in grade 3... other than "long layers".

    Tomorrow I'm going to attempt another long run... gonna try for about 13. I'm a little intimidated! Hopefully my knee behaves itself.

  3. should totally do a new style....I's just will grow back!

  4. Well done!!! And hooray for no pain! Wishing you all the best on your long run! :-)