Thursday, 8 August 2013

No Garmin, No iPOD, No Problem!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!  So happy that tomorrow is Friday...this week seemed so long even though it was only 4 days long!

Tonight I had a 7 km run on the schedule.  Allison wanted me to run this as usual to see if the shorter distances bother my knee as well as the long distances.  I came home from work and immediately changed.  As I looked at my iPOD, I realized I had forgotten to charge it.  Darn!!!  Then I picked up my garmin, pushed the 'locate satellites' button, and heard the dreaded beep beep.  Yep...low battery.  I knew it wouldn't last for my run.   2 for 2...but then I had an idea.  I'd download the Nike app for my phone! 

Nike App Review:  The iTunes review for this app gives it 5 stars and I think I agree.  You can choose to run outdoors or indoors; music or no music; whether you are holding the phone in your hand or wearing it in an arm band, and get cheers when you reach milestones.  For more accurate results, you can input your height, weight, and gender.  You can select whether you want to run a distance, a timed run, a speed run, or simply a basic run.  The app records your fastest times at different intervals which I found kind of cool.  The other feature I liked was that the app told me when I reached each kilometer and what pace I was running....I never HAD to look at the phone if I didn't want to.  The app would do all my math for me and counted down my mileage as I got over the 1/2 way point!  So as I said before I give this app 5 STARS!!!

The Run:  The run felt good tonight.  As great as the Mile a Day challenge is, it's nice to put some distance on my feet as well.  As you can see below, the app did record my mile time as well. :-)  I felt like I was running strong and without any knee pain.  Such a bonus.
I can even tell the app how I was feeling and
what sneakers I was wearing during the run.
I sat by the lake for a quick breather before walking home.  It was a beautiful night for a run, not overly warm, with a slight breeze.  I changed between trail and payment and felt like I settled into a great rhythm. 
Selfies suck...especially with the sun in your eyes.
Well I'm off to roll out these muscles and then to do some cleaning.  A couple childhood friends are stopping by tomorrow...yay to catch-up time!  I will leave you with this saying from Fitneco...follow them on Instgram!!!


  1. Glad you had a great run! No Garmin, No iPod=major problem for me....LOL

  2. I tried a few running apps before I found Nike +, I love it! Its been consistently accurate which was one of the problems I was having with the others. :-)