Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Midweek Update

Happy Hump Day!  I love when there is a holiday Monday as it makes the week seem to fly by.  Finally the sun has poked through the clouds.
Hard to believe after nearly 2 weeks of rain,
but the sun is shining!
I am going to apologize now as there are going to be a bunch of random photos that have been sitting on my phone.

Monday I decided to try and find a way to display my medals instead of throwing them in a drawer.  I decided to hang 3 frames and fill them with race photos.  My plan is to have one 5k, one 10k, and then one from my 1/2.  The little objects holding my medals are little bird holders.  Kind of cute.
Monday afternoon, in between teeming rain, Heather sent me a text and asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride...sure thing!!  We ended up going further than we have in the past with 16.5k.  A nice shake out ride after our back to back runs.  I think you can safely say we had our share of cardio this past long weekend.
And then as any runner knows, as soon as one race is done, we search for another race.  That is exactly what I did after the Bedford 5k.  I searched for a local race in July as I didn't really have anything planned.  I found one and quickly text'd Heather to see if she'd be interested.  The Liverpool Privateer 5 mile....and it's a guaranteed PB because neither of us have raced a 5 mile before.  Check out their facebook page: Liverpool Privateer 5 Mile Race.  Looks like a really nice route along the Mersey River.

Heather and I were talking about foam rolling on our bike ride the other day.  Then I came home and read this in my Women's Health magazine.  I know that foam rolling has saved my legs and IT band and has allowed me to run.  If you haven't tried it, you might be surprised by how much it hurts when your muscles are tight.

And now this brings me to today.  Like I mentioned in my opening blurb, the sun decided to shine, which also means that the humidity has jumped sky high.  I think the temp is about 25 degrees Celsius right now but I had a 7.5k run on the schedule.  Heather had blogged earlier about her run and that motivated me to get out there.  For some reason I felt like I hadn't run in ages but quickly settled into a comfortable pace.  I knew I wanted to push myself a bit in this longer run and settled into a 6 minute pace.  The tree cover that the trail offered was a welcome change to the blazing sun on the pavement.  I ran in a section that Heather and I call 'coyote territory' as Heather saw a coyote there last year.  I felt fairly safe tonight as there were a lot of bikers and figured a coyote would be scared off with all the activity.  Am I na├»ve?  I was only in this section for about 3k total so not too far!  I was also wearing my bright new tank top and figured people would see me easily if I was in trouble!
The run ended up being 8.00k with an under 6 minute average pace.  I'm happy with that!  Whenever I run a harder run, the tips of my fingers end up throbbing when I stop in the end.  Does this happen to anyone else, and if so, do you know why this happens??

K....I'm off now to answer a survey that Heather posted on her blog...I love survey's and reading other people's answers.  Hop over and answer yourself. :-)


  1. I rolled for the past 4 days now! I can't believe you ran out the coyote way!!! Great run tonight :)

    1. I'll be interested to see if you find a difference in how your legs feel during your runs.

  2. Fantastic job girl!! Enjoy your pool day!

    1. Thanks so much Jacqueline...and thanks for stopping by!