Sunday, 30 June 2013

Race #2 - Bedford 5k recap

I am proud to say that the 2nd race of the weekend is complete.  This is a first for me...the first time running back to back races.  Once again, Heather and I co-ordinated are outfits...LOL...and this time we got told we looked like sisters. It is also the 2nd day in a row that it was raining for the race.
This is what it looked like out of the car
window as we waited for the race to start.
This is the 3rd time that I have run the Bedford 5k to beat Lung Cancer.  I do enjoy the course as it is around/through a beautiful park in Bedford.  After running yesterday, my knee was aching a bit last night and I was actually worried that I wouldn't finish.

The race started a little after 8am this morning and I settled into a very comfortable 5:50 pace right from the start.  I kept telling myself not to push it.  I stayed right at this pace until I hit the 4k mark and then I dropped to 5:30 pace and passed a few people  (is it wrong that I smile every time I pass someone)?  I felt strong near the end and even remained in good running form (which I've been trying to watch) as I came through the finish lane.  The finishing time was 28.32 and the best time I've run this particular course.  Heather was able to run a PB...way to go!!!

The face is because Heather was gabbing and I wanted
a pic.  LOL

As soon as I arrived home, I popped an English muffin in the toaster and sat back to relax and get warm. 
My 1/2 schedule does have 11.2k on the schedule for me today...but having run 2 5k's back to back makes me weary of going back out there.  I might just wait and continue on the schedule as usual with an 8k on Wednesday.

So there you have it, Heather and I ran 2 races this weekend, woke up super early on our days off, and trudged through the rain.  Tomorrow is Canada Day and I am officially sleeping in.  Next race on my list is the Windsor 5k in 3 weeks where I ran my 5k PB next year.

What is your next race??
What do you usually eat as your snack after you race/run?


  1. Nice job, ladies! Super jealous of your fun race weekend!

    1. Erin....I have to admit that Heather inspires's nice to have someone calm my fears and even boost my ego a bit before a race.

  2. I love the pic of you That expression is priceless!

    1. And now it is on be relived FOREVER! LOL