Saturday, 13 July 2013

Liverpool Privateer 5 Mile Road Race Recap

Whoa.....that is a tongue twister of a title!!

Today was race day once again.  Heather, Matt, and I were excited for this race as it was a guaranteed PB given that none of us have run a 5 miler before.

Matt and Heather picked me up in Bridgewater as I had travelled to see my mom last night.  Pickup time was 7:30 with an arrival time of 8am in Liverpool.  What a quaint little town.  We picked up our race kits and checked out the pre-race drawn prizes that took place.
This is the back of the singlet...very light weight!
 Wouldn't you know, Heather and I won stuff....sorry Matt.
Heather won a really nice Valley Harvest print
and I won a water bottle
As we began our stretching/warm up we knew it would be a hot one.  Heather chose wisely to strip down to sports bra only.  She tried to convince me as well....but I'm no abs were not ready for bra only running.

There was a fantastic turnout for this run with a lot of fast people.  It's funny how you size people up by the way they look/warm up. I knew from looking at last years results that I'd be lucky not to finish last...yes...that's how fast people were.  We toe'd the line and at 9am the word 'Go' was given.  The course was a loop around the Mersey river which was a very scenic run.   (we ran across this bridge in the first kilometer)

And we passed this small waterfall at about the 4k mark.
People had described the course as mainly flat with a few ups/downs.  I am here to let everyone know, there were no downs....LOL....yes....they were all ups!!!  It was an extremely hot run and as a consequence, at the 4k mark, I did remove my singlet.  So if you remember back a couple of blog posts to my wish list....well it happened.  For 4k I ran in a sports bra only....not because I wanted to...but because the weather dictated it. 

The course was a bit longer than 8k (5 miles) but I believe I did reach my goal of 48 minutes with a 6.00 pace (at the 8k mark).  I quickly passed in my popsicle stick (#115), and then we were on our way back home...except for quick pause for pictures. :-)  As Heather was on the way back to the city, another runner facebook'd her and let her know that she was second in her age class and got a medal....YAY to Heather!  (check out her race recap here)

Would I do the course again?  I would!!  It was beautiful and a well organized race.

What do you do after you run a hot 5 mile race?  Well you relax in a pool...and no...not my kiddie pool....a normal size pool!  I tell you....someday I will have something like this!  I grew up around water for most of my life and it relaxes me so!!!
So that is my Saturday so far....I think it's time to take a little nap but I'll be back tomorrow to recap my long run and the week training program.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous relaxing Saturday night!!!

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  1. I tried on my singlet and loved it! I'm going to wear it for my long run tomorrow I think.

    You said it true: There were NO downs! lol.

    Great run today!