Thursday, 11 July 2013

Side Stitches SUCK!!

I was supposed to run last didn't happen.  I came home from work and had that heavy stomach feeling,  I was in a funk and just couldn't get out the door.  (insert my own advice that I give others....a run would have made me feel better).  Instead I sat at home and watched So You Think You Can Dance and Extreme Weight Makeover.   I know it sounds silly, but I find I then get a bit motivated to  work out.  I mean, if a 182 lb woman can swim a mile and a half, I can do a few exercises....right?  I get very bored, very easily on the bike, so I took my laptop and watched General Hospital again.  Thank god for Rogers Free TV on allows me to catch up on many of my favorite shows.

That brings me to tonight.  Once again after work, I felt like the Michelin man with a heavy stomach.  I didn't plan on a great run, but wanted to get one in before the race on Saturday.  A quick 5k (I never thought I'd say quick and 5k in the same sentence).  I have to admit, when I started out, I felt like I was totally out of the groove....I couldn't get my steps to feel 'right'.  And then it hit....see my splits below and guess where a side stitch slowed me to a crawl......

Avg Pace
Summary 30:50.8 5.09 6:04
1 5:46.7 1.00 5:47
2 5:46.8 1.00 5:47
36:38.9 1.00 6:39
4 6:06.0 1.00 6:06
5 5:59.7 1.00 6:00
6 :32.6 0.09 5:57

That's right, about 2k into my run a horrible side stitch...and thus I walked/ran VERY slowly for about 0.75 of my third kilometer.  What causes these nasty, stabbing pains?  My Complete Book of Running for Women says they are caused by cramping of the diaphragm or by food in the stomach or intestinal gas.  I tried to do one of the many suggested remedies:

I try #2 but feel ridiculous.  I know other runners know what is going on but non-runners look at me like I'm nuts.  I try bending sideways, I try grunting too but to no avail.  The only thing that helps is to stop and walk...and well...that just frustrates me!!!  Nothing can bring a runner to a screeching halt like a nasty side stitch!

I really need to start writing down exactly what I did/ate on the days that I have great know the ones I mean....light on your feet, breathing is easy, and no stitches!!!

Oh.....the Epic 5k pictures are up on  At this point in the race, I have had my hand shoved into my ribcage for the last 2k.  I don't even look like I'm running...but I'm trying!

The Liverpool Privateer 5 miler is this Saturday and there are finish line photos.  After 8k, I'm not sure how happy those photos are going to look!  On a positive note, the weather does not look like pour down rain! 

Well I'm off to grab some pasta for is my Friday...yes...that's right....I'm off tomorrow!  YAY to 3 day weekends.  I plan on having many more this summer!!


  1. oh man, I hate getting a stitch. I agree, I feel foolish running with my hands on my head, but I hate when I have to walk.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Side stitches do suck! I hate those things. I have run through many types of pain before, but with a side stitch you simply cannot run. I ran the Johnny 1/2 last year, for a few miles, with my fist pressed into my right I find it I'm good and warmed up, I don't usually get them.....knock on wood! LOL.