Sunday, 23 June 2013

Week #7 Recap - Longest Run Yet

Well another week comes to an end!!!  Summer officially arrived this week and we had great weather this weekend to prove it!  I'd be satisfied if all summer was a repeat of the past few days.

Friday was another 7.2k for me.  I started out in a little bit of a sprinkle and as soon as I hit the trail it was full on downpour.  But was one of those rains that felt so good as you ran...a warm rain!!  I tried to watch my form and my pace and came away with a comfortable 5.58/k.

Saturday was an adventure with Heather and Heidi.  We went downtown with multiple stops planned; Aerobics First, Running Room, Lulu Lemon, and finally YEH for frozen yogurt.  We all ended up walking away with purchases and Heather bowed to peer pressure and bought a foam roller.  She will not regret it!  What can you do with a foam roller you ask?  Just click on youtube and insert foam rolling as your search....there are tons of exercises!!!

I chose to have a smoothie at YEH....not my finest choice.  Next time I will stick to the basic frozen yogurt treats.

While we were enjoying our desserts, our view across the street looked like this:
Yoga class - with half naked people....LOL
Heather and I at YEH (courtesy of Heidi).  PS...those
chairs are not safe!!!

Today was my long run....11.2k.  I knew Heather planned to get out early and sure enough as I was sitting on the couch at 8:30, I could hear the thump thump of her running by my house.  That is motivation.  I quickly changed into my running gear and hit the streets.  About 1/2 way through I ran into Heather running the other way...we stopped for a 'walk break'...aka....take my picture.
My legs were jello as I finished the last 0.2k...but I got'er done....11.2k!  I can officially say that is the longest I have ever run.  Going forward, every 2nd Sunday I will be saying the same thing.  Next week is a repeat of this week and I feel confident by that fact.  For me, running the 1/2 is going to be a mental game!!! (okay...this pic is WAY bigger than it should be but I can't shrink it).
Well I'm off to grocery shop for the week.  Here's to a long weekend next weekend and a possible double race weekend for me.  YAY to Epic Canadian and the Bedford 5k!!!


  1. I took a much-needed sleep-in this morning... so I'm going to have to wait and run this evening. Nice job on your long run!

    1. Can't wait for your recap. When does your official 1/2 training start??

  2. Great run today! I'm excited to watch your mileage climb :D