Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hump Day and New Gear.....again!

Happy Hump Day Everyone....ahhhh....we are closer to the weekend than we were 8 hours ago...YAY!!!  And around here, look at the weather we are supposed to receive:
I'm taking Friday off and can't wait for 3 days of nice weather.  Heather and I are planning a trip downtown for frozen yogurt which can only mean a mini adventure.

I am a fan of Hal Higdon's facebook page where he adds daily tips to help improve your run.  The other day he posted a comment about having more than one pair of sneakers and switching them up.  This piece came at a good time, as I received some soreness on Sunday's long run and thought a new pair were in order.  Off to Aerobics First I went.  I have to say that Andrew was amazing in helping me find just the right pair.  When I asked him what he ran in, his response was "Well....I have 22 pairs of sneakers."  Show off!!!!  I settled on a pair of North Face believe it or not.  I didn't even know they made running shoes. 

Tonight was the first try/run with them.  Another added benefit of buying shoes at Aerobics First is that they have a fit or money back guarantee.  I can wear these 3 or 4 times, and if they aren't working for me I can take them back.  Now that is customer service.

Tonight's run was 7.2k and I have to admit, I was weary trying out the new shoes...but once I got in the groove, I seemed to settle into a comfortable pace.
Avg Pace
Summary       45:34.9      
1 6:14.3 1.00 6:14
2 6:17.0 1.00 6:17
3 6:14.7 1.00 6:15
4 6:25.2 1.00 6:25
5 6:14.4 1.00 6:15
6 6:23.9 1.00 6:24
7 6:24.4 1.00 6:24
8 1:20.9 0.21 6:22

An aussi friend of mine said that I'd find a pace where I could run forever....I think that pace is around 6.20/k for me.  I'm not breathing hard and it's not taking huge amounts of's comfortable.  Next run is 7.2k on Friday...looking forward to it.

Last night Heather dropped by for a quick visit.  While she was here, the newspaper in Harbour Breton called to ask her questions about her win on Sunday.  I smile ear to ear as I hear her relive the finish of the race.  It sounds amazing and sooooo exciting.  Then we found her marathon race photos....sooooo cool to see her actually crossing ribbon!

Okay....I'm off to eat something healthy...I hope!  Have a great rest of the week....tomorrow is my Friday..YAHOO!!!



  1. Thanks for the shout-out! :)

    I'm excited for our downtown excursion....I've been dreaming about that yogurt all week :D

  2. There's a frozen yogurt place in Charlottetown that I want to go to... but it always seems to be "out of the way" when we're in town.

    Nice new sneaks!