Sunday, 12 May 2013

1/2 Marathon Training - Week #2

Here it is...week #2.  I have to admit that it has been a crappy training week for me.  The week consisted mostly of me working 12-13 hour days and being completely exhausted at the end of the day.

 Having said is my recap:

Monday - Worked 14 hours so all I did was the 8-minute ab video and some push-ups...a poor excuse for strength training.

Tuesday - the training program called for a relaxed 4.8k.  I had evening plans and so decided to do a 3.2k at faster than race pace.  It felt ITB pain. Yay!  I had a craving for salad for some reason so went out and bought all the fixings.  It will be my lunch all week!

Wednesday - I did nothing but work.  :-(

Thursday - Nothing...I guess I should say rest day, right?

Friday - called for a rest day....and since I was on a roll with doing nothing...well...why break the training schedule.

Saturday - called for cross training.  I did 4.6k.  The first 2k were done at 1/2 marathon pace...the rest were done at my 5k I really picked it up.  It was fun to go fast again ( in my  Later in the day I did the 8 minute abs video...but I changed it up a bit and did leg dips and planks in place of ankle touches and push thrus.  Still a great ab workout which I followed up with some arm work.  Today also saw me spend some time with my mom...we had a great time and I bought some new running first ever Under Armour purchase.  Mom actually told me it was okay to spoil myself...this from the woman who always says "Do you really need that?"

Sunday - Happy Mothers Day!  The schedule called for 6.4k.  I check the weather and it said "Heavy Rainfall Warning in Effect."  Poop....I better get out early.  The first 2k sucked...I had a bad side stitch that wouldn't go away.  Note to not eat two chocolate chip cookies an hour before your long run.  The remainder of the run was at my normal long run pace.  I was actually surprised...I have never run back to back days and was a bit concerned about how my knees would hold up.  No problem!!!  Here is my after run snack...flax wrap, peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, and a banana...YUM!

Random Thoughts

I just had to put this in.....I giggle at this commercial whenever I watch...I think there is a little bit of competitiveness in all of us when we are out running.  Whenever I pass another runner I always think...I wonder how far they are going or how fast is their pace?

Next Races

June 8th - Soul Sisters

June 19th - Johnny Miles

June 29th - Heather sent me this new local race....I just registered!  Anyone else up for a fun run in Canadian Spirit? Look at the bling!!

Well I hope everyone has a great week.  I'm taking Friday off and making it a 4 day weekend for me.  Next weekend is the Scotiabank Bluenose weekend....looks like I'll be cheering on friends as they run...gooooo Heather, Heidi, Kenny, and Erin....just to name a few!!!


  1. Man, all the "good" races are in NS! I wish I started running years ago!

    It really sucks that your work schedule is so demanding. It must be frustrating!

    Hope to run (ha!) into you next weekend!

    1. I'll be around cheering for sure. You're going to do great and what a great experience to be part of!!!

  2. Hey,
    that's a cool medal! What did you sign up for at Epic? And, I agree with your mom ;)

  3. Heather....signed up for the 5k....but my training schedule actually says I should be doing a 10k race that same weekend....never know. Are you thinking of doing it?