Friday, 17 May 2013

Just Give 'Er - Bluenose Weekend

Welcome Summer....NOT!  It's the May long weekend and that means that many Nova Scotian's are camping and starting their summer planning.  Ha!  Mother Nature has something to say about that this year.  Cindy Day is actually forecasting snow flurries in PEI and Northern NS for tomorrow.  Seriously?  May 18th?  Luckily, Sunday's weather is calling for sun and a high of 13 degrees...pretty good running weather for the Bluenose 5k, 10k, 1/2, and full marathon.

I visited the race expo today, even though I was planning not to run, but rather cheer only.  I've never been to a race expo before and was excited to experience the energy surrounded by others nervously chatting about the upcoming race.  I bought some new running gear...super cool if I do say so.

New running tights and shirts from Run Girl Run

I was able to pick up the race kits for Matt and Heather as cool as they got little Skittles eggs. As I was standing to get the chips activated, I heard ladies talking and they mentioned there are 14,000 people registered to run....holy moly that's a lot of people.  I came home thinking that I might just regret not being part of the 10th Anniversary of the Bluenose Marathon weekend.  Heather quickly jumped on the bandwagon and, despite the hefty sum needed to register, I might just do the 5k.  The last part of the run goes up Citadel Hill which is a bit daunting...but I can do it...and what you go must come down, right?

Thinking that I might be running on Sunday changed my supper plans.  Originally I was going to go with a treat of fast food.  That quickly got replaced with homemade chilly eaten with blue corn chips.  YUM!

I was reading my daily list of blogs the other day and Hungry Runner Girl ( mentioned the movie Spirit of the Marathon II that is coming out in June.  I quickly youtube'd the first movie and watched the trailer.  I think I might watch this before Sunday for some 'feel good' vibes.  Has anyone watched this?

I am off for now...but will update on Sunday on Week #3 1/2 Marathon Training as well as the results from the Bluenose! 

Have a great weekend of R&R....relaxation and running!


  1. OMG You're gonna register! yay!

    Great new running duds! I was just looking at their website.

  2. Thanks so much for getting our race kits!!! I'm so excited that you're running :D Be honest, you did it for the skittles right? LOL

  3. It was a great run and I was glad I was part of it....even if it was FREEZING!