Friday, 26 April 2013

First 5k of 2013's done....the first 5k of the 2013 season.  Every year around this time I start my running with a 5k and I can almost guarantee that my time will be 32.40.  Tonight did not disappoint.  After seven months of not running due to an IT band issue, I am happy to start out slow and build up the muscles again.  I started a new ab routine (thanks to Hungry Runner Girl)  I have only been able to do 6 minutes of this routine before I'm making awful faces but am determined to make it to the full 8 on a consistent basis.


On Monday night, I participated in our local Boston memorial run.  It was a chilly evening, but a spectacular turnout with approximately 1,000 people showing their support.

My apoligies as I don't know who to give photo credits to.
Heather, me, and Matt.

It was a slow run but very powerful to see the stream of people running together on the park pathways.  We all signed bristol board cards that are going to be sent to Boston as well.

Long hours at work have made it very frustrating in trying to be healthy, let alone to fit a run in.  It looks like early mornings will have to become a part of my routine.  Long hours also brings rush suppers as I'm usually starving by the time I get home.  I'm kind of addicted to the frozen pasta dishes (you know, the ones that you find in the bags).  I then add tons more veggies and cheese as a topper.  The best part is that one bag lasts me about 3 meals!!!  The one below is chicken alfredo with carrots, broccoli, green and yellow beans, peas, and corn. Yummy!! to make supper and do some foam rolling.  Hope you have a fantastic sunny weekend!!!


  1. At least you're consistent!

    My love of pasta and bread in general makes it hard to be healthy. I'm trying not to each much bready stuff, but I find it hard to feel full and stay full. Add that to my hypoglycemia... and I'm a healthy-diet-mess. I have to fight with keeping my stomach full, and my body full. Sometimes, my arms and legs get weak and shaky, and I have to eat something to get my blood sugar right... even though my stomach isn't "hungry", my body is. So many extra calories.

  2. thanks for posting 8 minute I can just link to it from here! :)