Monday, 18 June 2018

Bluenose a Pace Bunny

Here it is almost July...and I'm going back to do a race recap from May...WHAT?  Yup...that's me!

Bluenose Marathon Weekend is a large weekend here in Halifax.  You can feel the energy in the air as the children's run and 5k run on Saturday, with the 10k, half and full marathons running on Sunday.  Saturday came and it was a beautiful sunny day...and then came Sunday.  I swear we had hurricane conditions the morning of the race.

I had given White Rabbit Pacing 3 choices for my pacing options....the 30 or 35 minute 5k or the 1:10 10k.  I was chosen to do the 1:10 10k.  My friend Erin was coming over from PEI and was going to run it with me.  It was so cold, windy, and wet the morning of the race.

I swear I wasn't as cold as I look in this picture
The race started on time, and shortly after the start...the rain stopped.  By then we were there was no getting around that.  I had about 10 people following me at the beginning...which was more than I had the last time I I was happy.  We started out in garbage bags and slowly shed them as we ran.

There was a new route this year for the 10k.  In the past, as you came off our bridge, you then had to immediately climb a tough hill.  This year, we wound our way under said bridge with a little incline...then flat...then a little incline...then flat.  At one point, Erin looked at me and said "My ass hurts from all these inclines".  Other runners quickly agreed!  Before we knew it, we were heading back over the bridge.  This is a long slow incline, and this is where I lost my remaining followers.  The gentlemen in the red pushed ahead once we hit 7.5k so he could beat the 1:10 time...the others chose to walk the dreaded bridge. 
Erin and I coming off the bridge
The last part of the 10k is flat and downhill.....oh wait...let me is flat and downhill until the last 200 meters...which is on an incline.  Who finishes a race like that...everyone dreads it!

Can you tell I was happy to be done?  LOL
My garmin read 1:09:56 which I'd say is a win for this pace bunny!!
An X-large tea never tasted so good...and a warm shower never felt so good.  Another Bluenose over for another year!!!  Thank you White Rabbit Pacing for allowing me to be part of such an awesome group of runners!!

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