Sunday, 16 October 2016

2016 Valley Harvest Marathon Recap

If there is one run that I love doing each year, it is the Valley Harvest.  Last year I was injured (my arm....not my leg) and couldn't run.  This year, I am injured again and had to ask the race director to drop me down to the 5k.

The day started super early!  The day before, there had been huge traffic issues so Jill and I decided to leave super 5:30am early.  Luckily we didn't run into any traffic, but we were 1.5 hours early....cue nap in the car.

The finish line

Jill was running her 2nd 10k and lined up at 8am to run.  The 5ks lined up shortly after at 8:05 and took off.  I haven't run the 5k in a few years (this was my first half marathon 2 years ago) and was surprised when we didn't run the same way we used to.  We basically followed the 10k runners for the first 2km, and then ran through a small residential area before hitting up the dirt trail on the way back. 

I really watched my pace and forced myself not to go out to hard the first 2km...staying around 5:25.  I could feel my shin/right calf issue but nothing that I couldn't run through.  I had put icy/hot on it before running and that was actually starting to burn...LOL.  I knew that the 5k would not be a PB, but I still wanted to run as best I could.  I find no matter what distance I am running, the last 25% of the run is purely mental....knowing the finish line is so close!
A candid shot taken by a fellow TTPer

I love the medal this year.
 I stretched a bit before walking towards the finish line and waiting for Jillian to cross.
Classy one sock up and one down.  I had to wash
off the icy/hot!
 Jillian managed a PB on her 10k as she crossed shortly after 1:03.  I wasn't sure of my official time, but upon checking the chip times, I see that I came in 4th in my age....20s off 3rd place.  So darn close...One of these days I will hit my age class!
 There were some very yummy after race food including bagels, apples, and cookies.  I touched two cookies and said "Well I touched 2...guess I have to take 2."  Another runner heard me say this and he said "I saw you touch the whole box...I guess you need to take the whole box."  LOL
The run was perfect...the weather, the organization, the route...A-OK by me!!  Driving home is always beautiful with the fall colors...I love it!!  I'll be back again next year...distance to be determined!  

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