Monday, 11 April 2016

National Pet Day

It's National Pet Day - Hooray for all the furry little friends out there that love us unconditionally.

Before I was even born, my family owned a dog and a cat.....Yuno and Simon...and we grew up together!  Then another kitty came along, Tigger...he was my cat...a tabby that I dressed up, put in my doll carriage and pushed around the house.  He was more like a dog to me...he followed me everywhere.

I remember that his purr was so loud that I'd actually get mad at him when I was trying to sleep because he'd keep me awake.  He also sucked on my earlobes...taken from his mom too soon.

Then there was Cat Cat...she came after Simon passed away.  We went to the local shelter to pick her up, and she pooped in the box on the way home.  My dad gagged the entire drive...LOL. #sorrynotsorry.

Through the years, there have been many little furry friends that have stolen my heart, that have laid in my lap, that have listened to all of my secrets and still loved me unconditionally!  That is the great thing about are their everything.  Everyone has their favorites...whether it's dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, etc!  And how true is this statement......

And you must love my dog as much as I do or we can't possibly be friends!
There is nothing better than coming home from work...or let's face it...even the mailbox...and having your furry little friend there to greet you...those eyes....the wag of the tail...or meow...just make a bad day so much better!
Just look at that face!

This is rescue of one year ago.
So on National Pet Day, hug your furry little friend just a little bit closer and let them know how happy you are that they are part of your life!!!

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