Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Sugar Calculation

The past week has flown by!  I taught 5 classes this week, participating in 2 of them.  It's fun when the members start 'chirping' at you and you can deliver it back!!  A tabata circuit work won the members over on Thursday!!!
I'm trying to think of creative names for the classes I teach.  For example...this was Thursday Tabata.  I teach bootcamp tomorrow so I'm thinking Monday Madness might become the name I use.  Any suggestions from readers would be appreciated!

With my recent run showing me that my IT band is not completely healed, I decided to source out another type of cross-training for the winter months!  Cross country skiing it is!  I went out today on my first trail ski and forgot how hard it was.  My forearms were super sore from gripping and pulling the poles.  I only fell 3 times as I got a little cocky and went faster....gotta keep that in check as it's a little humiliating when I go down.  LOL
After 5 years, I finally found a use for my Resolution Run blue jacket...I knew I kept it for a reason!!
I totally forgot....gloves ARE NOT the hand cover of choice when skiing.  My fingers hurt so bad after 2km that I had to put them on my belly to warm them up faster!!  So between the activities that I've done in the past year, speed goes like this:
  1. Bicycle
  2. Running
  3. Skiing
  4. Swimming
In terms of a workout, they all use different muscle groups and take cardio to another level.  I'm thinking that I might combine skiing and running in one workout...of course changing footwear in between.  I use to cross country ski on my childhood property and it was nice to be out there again, sliding away...getting into a rhythm.  Up next....the new golf course....which is H-I-L-L-Y!

Yesterday I sat with a nutritionist who is going to help me with my nutrition side of training.  Yes...I studied nutrition but not to the extent that Emily has and she has some great ideas.  The one thing that I took away from yesterday is how to measure the amount of sugar in a product.  If the label says 16g of sugar...well how much is that?  Take that number and divide by that is 4 teaspoons of sugar!!  And that is what my Almond Milk - Vanilla as in one cup....yup....I was gobstopped!  Needless to say, Almond Milk - Original is now in my fridge with only 1/2 the amount of sugar!!  Take a look at your products and put them into teaspoon may be surprised!!!
Okay guys...I also teach Total Body and Mish Mash...Could I add something 'unique' to the names to make them mine?  I know the teachers out there are creative!!!

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  1. When I started looking at sugar content and figuring out how many TBSP were in a serving, that helped me cut back because it was such a reality check!