Sunday, 9 November 2014

Crossfit? Kettlebell? My opinions of both!!

There are some diehard crossfit people out there...after yesterday, I will not be one of them!

Yesterday was the Workout to Remember 2014 which pays tribute to those who risked their lives so that we can have freedom.  The premise behind the workout is that the military is very training and strength orientated and that doing a workout allows people to remember. 

To the actual workout....

Let me start with the warm up.  PEOPLE!  Do not do static stretches BEFORE you do any physical activity.  Static stretches are for AFTER a workout, dynamic stretches are for before.  If you want to stretch your calf not stand and stretch your calf muscles on a step or bunny hops!  Stretching in a static manner before you are warmed up is a recipe for injury!
Next...we did 40 exercises in 40 minutes...with the time to switch exercises included.  The exercises were good complaints there.  What I will complain about is that when you tell people to do as many reps as possible in a given time, people tend to forget about their form.  I cannot tell you how many people were doing the squats improperly...a recipe for back and knee pain in the future.  Same for kettlebell swings and numerous other exercises.  I know you are thinking...a minute isn't a long time...but if a participant continually does the exercise incorrectly the likely result will be injury.  Unfortunately I find that instructors don't have enough time to correct the skill before the participant has moved onto the next.  Folks....please remember quality over quantity every time as it will pay off in the long run. 
Today, a group of us from the TTP signed up to do an Intro to Kettlebell class.  It was a 2 hour class with the first hour being instructional, and the second hour a complete workout.  Cyclone Fitness was our host with a very knowledgeable Laurel as our instructor.  Two thumbs up!!  Did you know that kettlebells were originally used as a measuring tool in Russia?  I will be bruised and sore tomorrow for sure...'cleans' are a tricky move!  And don't get me started on a push squat!
My favorite line from our instruction was "Attack the crotch". LOL.  This means, do not go too low on your are not going to damage any 'precious' equipment that might be there!!  The gals kicked butt doing all those moves on the board!!  I definitely got some extra moves for Boot Camp, Total Body, and Mish Mash classes...look out!!
After 3 days of 3 hard workouts, my body is BEGGING me for a rest.  Tomorrow will be that day! 
Here in Nova Scotia, Tuesday is a day off to remember and the TTP will be doing an afternoon run in honor of those who fought.  How will you remember?


  1. I've always wanted to do a kettle bell workout because I feel like they're really effective, but I have NO CLUE how they work, and I don't want to buy one and then need to upgrade eventually because they're expensive!

    1. They are so much harder than it appears and gives you an amazing hurt to cough today!

  2. I love using kettle bells! Sounds like you've had some great workouts! I'm really sad I can run with the TTP today :(

    1. You need to get better! Kettle bells are a new favorite of mine I think!

  3. I think ORB was a great way to motivate us to get to our goals - it seems like it went by so fast! I am not to my goal but like the giveaway tank says - Giving up is not an option! =) ... I think y'all should do another challenge so I can try harder and be able to post a "results" post =) Either way you and Leigh Ann are awesome for doing this - great job girls!! =)

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