Saturday, 2 August 2014

Taking Time to Smell the Ocean

With my new found time off, I've decided to take some time and really enjoy the beauty that is right in my own backyard.  Yesterday I went hiking to a local beach/hiking area.  This area has 3 beach areas, with the 3rd being known as a nude beach.  This didn't bother me, what did catch me off guard was that people continued the nude theme among numerous spots along the hike.  I mean, a rock here, or a rock there...and BAM...someone naked.  It's a beautiful hike, right next to the ocean.  You can smell the salt air and feel the warm ocean really was a perfect afternoon.

No filter needed on this beautiful view
It was nice to remove myself from the technology of Facebook and the sounds of TV.  It was all nature!  As tradition would have it, a handstand was performed to mark the beautiful surroundings.
Today I completed an open water swim, although it wasn't much of a workout.  The water was perfectly calm as I entered and just the right temperature.  I took my time and just enjoyed the fact that I was in the water swimming.  Not sure if anyone would understand, but the smell of the lake just screams summer and I love that my fingers were all wrinkled when I got out.  After my swim, I grabbed a tea, and headed to the Dingle Tower.  It was on my summer bucket list to visit. I sorry that it took me this long to get there.  It was so beautiful and peaceful.  I sat on a rock wall and watched paddlers and boats go by.
I would like either of the boats in the background please!
And then 2 ladies walked by with 4 dogs in of which thought he'd stay and sit on the rock wall with me.  It was so cute....he just sat there while his owner kept on strolling along.  Just as I was about to snap a picture....he took off.
I made my way to the actual tower and climbed over 100 stairs to take in the view.  AMAZING!  I think I'm going to grab my book and head back to this little park in the future.  I'm really trying to just take time to relax and be thankful that I live in such an amazing place!

Having said all that, I did put in more kilometers on my feet than usual this week.  2nd skin is giving my feet a bit of a reprieve from my blisters and allowed me to run a 10km run.

 Tomorrow is a one mile race across a city bridge, and then Monday is a 10km race which is new to me.  I'm hoping to possibly break a new PR if all the stars align.

Now it's your turn, finish this sentence for me:  I go to _____________ to relax and be in a happy place!   In the winter, it's my the summer, I am always able to be in a happy place at a lake or near water!

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