Thursday, 24 July 2014

Update to my Bucket List

Sooooo....a couple of posts ago, I posted my summer bucket list:
Well yesterday I was able to cross off Bike BLT to the Bike-n-Bean.  It was a gorgeous day to do a 30km bike ride.   The trail crosses the main road at one point and we remarked that the trail on the other side really does look different.  I felt like I was in a jungle as the trees make a canopy overhead and things just seem...greener....insert pun of 'things being greener on the other side of the road'. 

15km to the cafĂ©, have a bit of a treat, chat with a complete stranger from Connecticut, and help a lady put her chain back on.  Oh yes...and then 15km back home. 

Apparently I like taking photos of me doing random yoga poses.

Do you think I look like a frog in this picture?  I was trying to wash the grease off my hands.
Today was a tough morning for me.  I'm finding that my body is in a constant state of pain lately.   I know it's my muscles adapting but when my alarm went off at 6:30am for a trainer vs trainer workout at 360Fit, I argued with myself.  It would be SOOOOO easy to send a message saying I couldn't make it, to lay in bed and rest my weary body.  But I didn't.  I got up.  I put one foot in front of the other and made it to the workout. Little did I know that flipping tires was also on my bucket list. (it's in invisible ink).  Cross that baby off as well!
I am now going to rest for the remainder of the day.  The Organ Grinders starts up again tonight so I'll be busy motivating and educating those folks.  As you go through the rest of the week, remember....


  1. I LOVE the BLT! My running bud and I (when I am able to use that trail for our long easy runs and it is awesome! Need to bike it though, and soon :)

    1. We are so fortunate to have it in our backyard. Anytime you want to bike or run it...just let me know. :-)

  2. I am sooo jealous of all your outdoor workouts! The weather looks lovely!

    1. Come visit me....we can do an outdoor workout together! Oh....and I'm trying my first paddle board class this week! Excited!!!