Saturday, 22 February 2014

It's not how many times we fall - it's how many we get up that counts!

These last few weeks have been a journey for me.  They have involved digging deep and working at conquering some internal fears that have taken over.  It's a large work-in-progress, but I'm showing up every day and doing the work.
These weeks have reminded me of many lessons learnt while in particular instance comes to mind.  I was probably 10 and was competing at provincials in Truro, NS.  We were on bars....and bars was my favorite and best doubt about it.
I am in the bottom left hand corner.
And yes Erin...those were our warm up suits!
I had a choice to make.  I could do a particular move on the high bar which might guarantee me first place, or I could lessen the degree of difficulty and compete exactly what the other gymnasts were competing.  Guess what I did?  Yup....I added the move and the difficulty.  The move was a handstand on the top bar...yes...not on the floor...but on the high bar.  I completed the rest of my routine with ease, swung my legs, and cast to handstand where I got STUCK!  Yes...that's gymnastics, when upside down, there can come a moment where your body is perfectly aligned with gravity and you are stuck there.  The only way down was to kick gravities butt, lean over the bar and FALL...yes...I fell.  I had taken a chance but had fallen and lost out.  There are NO guarantees, but unless you take a chance, you will never know what you are capable of!

In gymnastics, there were many times when falls occurred but I had to get back up each and every time and not let fear take over, to continue to push my body and mind 100% to accomplish goals. 

Why has this stood out over these past weeks?  Because back then I fell, because I didn't take the easy way out, but rather pushed myself, and then dusted myself off and got right back at it.  That is what I am doing now....I pushed myself (too much this time), now I am dusting myself off, getting back at it, and will continue to push the limits having learned a lesson.  I will probably always continue to take the path less travelled, as I like to be challenged, and yes...that means I might fall...but what matters is that I continue to get back up!!!

What lessons from childhood have stayed with you??
Do you have a memorable story to share???

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