Friday, 21 February 2014

Coming Home to an Old Friend

I had a different post all lined up for today but after this mornings workout, I was too excited not to post about my new adventure.  Today I stepped out of my current comfort zone....and into the water!  Yes, that's right, I jumped in the pool for cross training.
This was my gym today.  Do you see that waterslide in the background....I plan on riding that in the near future.
Growing up, I was fortunate enough to live directly across (like 25 steps) from salt water.  I spent most summer days in the water doing laps in front of my say I was a dolphin is an understatement. 

I have a childhood memory from swimming lessons.  I wouldn't jump in the deep amount of convincing would make me do it.  Never fear, my mom took matters into her own hands and threw me in....yes...she picked me up and threw me.  And you know what?  It was the best thing she could have done!  She knew I'd be fine, the instructors knew I'd be fine...I just needed the little push that she gave me!  Going to the local pool was an every day occurrence and to become a lifeguard was just a natural thing for me.  That was the BEST summer EVER!!!  I mean, being 16, lifeguarding at a local pool where all your friends are is amazing....I will remember that summer forever!!!I have not been actively swimming in years so today was like coming back home to an old friend!  Yesterday I purchased a new suit (man...they are expensive).  

I can't tell you how great it felt to be back in the water.  I am not going to lie, it was hard.  My breathing was off, my legs/arms were sore...but it felt amazing.  When lifeguarding, we would have to do 20 laps of the pool in 15 minutes...every day!  Today I did 40 laps of the pool in 40 minutes....for a total of 1000m. 

Now I want to put this in perspective for you runners out there.  I can run 1 kilometer (1000m) in roughly five and a half this to the 40 minutes it took me to do the same distance.  Eeeeek!!!  I am, however, very excited to see how this improves over the coming weeks/months.  I know I will get there.  I have taken the first step and I know I'll fall right back into the same groove that I used to have. 

For you non swimmers out there, this next statement might seem a bit strange....but I REALLY love the smell of chlorine on my's one of those smells that just takes me to a happy place!  Like mowed grass in the summer!  Why, oh why, has it taken me so long to go back to something that I love so much? 

 I have all ready looked to tomorrow to see what time I can go back and swim again.  I am committing to going at least once a week....I can do that!!!

Is there an activity that you used to do that you wished you still did?
Are there any smells that instantly bring a smile to your face???


  1. I love water but I do not swim that much. Isn't it refreshing just to jump back into the swim of things? Too funny that your mom threw you in the water! I miss the ocean. Right now I live my a river with paved trails so that will have to do. I wouldn't be caught dead swimming in it though :)

    1. It's funny....once you've been close to water, you'll take anything you can get! A river by paved trails sounds like a super place to run! Hope to see some pics once summer arrives again!!!

  2. I definitely have smell memory! It's amazing what smells can trigger.

    I can't believe your mom threw you in the water! LOL

    1. Oh heck yes....she never thought twice about it!!