Thursday, 10 October 2013

Race Pics, Trail Walk and New Shake Mix

Tonight Indy and I decided to try out a trail that we haven't been on in years!  Check out what we were walking among.....

It was beautiful with sun shining through the trees and onto the lake.  We are so fortunate to live near areas like this!!!

He's getting so shaggy....time for a hair cut!
Today while I was working, K tagged me in race photos from the Sneaker Shredder.  Remember that race?  The one that I found so hard because it ended up hill??

I have no idea why I'm laughing in the right photo. This
was at the start because I'm still smiling!
Last night I met an old friend for coffee.  We haven't seen each other in 5 years so we had a lot to catch up on.  She is an independent consultant for Arbonne and doing amazingly well.  Knowing how healthy I try to be, she gave me a sample of their protein shake powder and I can't wait to try it.  The powder does not have any whey or soy's a pea protein which is absorbed very easily in your body.  The Halifax Mooseheads use this product because of how efficiently it is absorbed.  I'm waiting until Saturday morning to drink this baby!

As you can tell, there has been no running this week.  Once again, I'm leaving it all on the table for Sunday and hope my knees allow me to run a great time.  My PB for this particular race is 28.20 when I was fortunate enough to have Heidi's husband pace me.  I'm on my own this year!  I'm excited because there are several people going that I know...some being their first race.  I know you can do it JC and I'll be there cheering you across the finish line!!!!

Tomorrow is Friday and this weekend is a long one as it's Canadian Thanksgiving!  Can't wait for turkey or ham and pumpkin pie!  YUM!!!

Well I'm off to foam roll and stretch.  I hope you're all having a fantastic week and taking some time to let the sun warm your face!!!


  1. Those are great photos. How can your hair look so cute at a race! LOL

  2. You look too good for racing! Haha, just kidding! Great shots :)

  3. Such a beautiful trail! And you look great in your race photos! :-)